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Translation Asset Management (TAM)

At Lingua Technologies International, top-notch human capital and advanced technology work together. Seamlessly integrated with our human translation efforts, our Translation Asset Management (TAM) system can process huge volumes of translation while improving efficiency and quality by leveraging previously approved translations, saving clients time and money.

With TAM, updates or changes in your source documents can be tracked quickly and extracted for translation. In other words, TAM facilitates the translation process by relieving the translator of repetitive work, thereby greatly increasing productivity and minimizing errors.

Our TAM system enables you to harness the latest technology to streamline your localization process. It empowers your organization with an intelligent database that combines accurate human translation with technologically controlled consistency.

We have found that many businesses have little idea just how much time and money they spend on translations. Even more are failing to realize the potential of the translations they do commission.

Talk to us about how Lingua Technologies International can help you to minimize the expenditures and maximize the returns from your translation investments.


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