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As with the translation of any language, the Portuguese translation is no easy feat. There are many more things to consider than just getting someone who knows Portuguese to handle translation into English and from Portuguese.

Apart from Portugal, Portuguese is spoken in Brazil and several Africa nations including Angola. Do you know also that the majority of Portuguese speakers are not from Portugal? Brazil has the largest number of native speakers of the Portuguese language in the world.

In terms of the number of speakers worldwide, Portuguese is next to English and Spanish with an estimated 200-220 million native speakers and a total of more than 260 million speakers. That makes Portuguese the 7th most spoken language in the world. It is also the sole official language of countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, Sao Tome, and Principe.

When translating for Portuguese be it into Portuguese or into other languages, one must understand and know the grammatical structure in Portuguese relating to gerunds, relative pronouns, modifiers, adverbs, articles, and colloquial expressions which may be very different from other languages.

Portuguese translation, especially the Brazilian variation, may add up to 30% text compare to the English version. This may be challenging when it comes to layout, text in graphics, UIs. Etc.

Apart from the difficulties faced when translating into and from Portuguese, another daunting task when it comes to Portuguese translation is the difference between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese.

There is a notable difference between Brazilian and European Portuguese, which includes sound changes, verb conjugation, and syntax. With the mutually intelligible relationship between Portuguese and Spanish, this also poses a huge challenge for linguists translating either one of the languages. An example will be the usage of the definite article, which will be for gender. One slight error and it could cause much embarrassment!

All of those mentioned above are merely a drop in the ocean.


Portuguese is a West Romance language. Its roots are based in the community of Galicia which is at the north of Portugal and northwest of Spain. However, due to the Islamic Moors’ conquer of both Portugal and Spain in the eighth century, Portuguese is heavily influenced by the Arabic language. In fact, a form of Arabic was still the country’s official language, until the 13th century. Till now, many of the Portuguese words of Arabic origin still remain.

Portuguese has 4 main dialect groups: Central, Southern, Insular, and Brazilian. A standardized form of Portuguese was developed in the 16th century, from dialects spoken from Lisbon to Coimbra.

Here is a fun fact about the Portuguese language: With English’s ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’ as the longest word, Portuguese goes one letter more with ‘anticonstitucionalíssimamente’, which means in a very constitutional way. This is the longest non-technical word in the language, with 29 letters in total. The worldwide spread of the Portuguese language also led to some of its words making their way into the English language. Some include ‘embarrass’ and ‘fetish’, which come from the Portuguese ‘embaraçar’ and ‘feitiço’ respectively.

With the wide distribution of Portuguese speakers around the world, Portuguese has the potential to be an ‘international communication language’. Portugal is currently the sixth-largest economy in the world and is an ideal market for new products. The rapid growth of E-commerce in the country, coupled with the strong backing of the European Union, also ascertains the importance of the Portuguese economy and the Portuguese language.


When it comes to Portuguese translation, it is very essential to get the right Portuguese translators with enough training and professional experience to produce Portuguese translations that are fit for their purpose.

With more than 2 decades of experience in providing English to Portuguese, Portuguese to English, and Portuguese related language pairs translation services, we can share this valuable experience with you.

As part of our GCBG network, we work closely with our Portuguese translation partner in South America to provide specialized translation for Portuguese-English language pairs.

Since its inception, our team in Argentina has translated more than 12 million words in the Portuguese-English language pairs for contents such as:
-legal contracts
-marketing materials
-video games such as Pokemon Go, Omen of Sorrow
-corporate documentation
-medical content
-audio/video content
-movies and more.

Our medical translation specialization includes translation for Clinical Trials, Protocols, Investigator’s Brochures, Informed Consents, Safety Reports, Reports of Adverse Events, Reports and filings with the National Administration of Drugs, Foods and Medical Technology, Information Sheets for Patients, and more.

Our Specialization in technology content localization includes websites, mobile applications, software documentation (architecture, requirements, interface). Our team also provides linguistic testing once the translated content goes live.

Some of the clients in our portfolio include the likes of Google, Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, Intel, Avaya, HCBC, Bank Boston, Pfizer, InventivHealth, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Harvard Clinical Research Institute, The Wall Street Journal, Newscorp and more.

With an ISO 17100 certification and the support of a local Portuguese team providing translation solutions for the Portuguese speaking market, you know your Portuguese translations are in good hands.

When you work with us for your Portuguese translation requirement, you know you are getting expert advice and solutions from the source. You can now leave the tedious task of translation to our professional team of linguists and project managers while leaving you with more time to do what matters most to you.

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