Interpretation Equipment Rental


In order for an Interpretation event to be successful, apart from engaging professional interpreters from a reliable translation company, the type of equipment also plays a very crucial role. As the leading provider of interpreting services, we work with suppliers of simultaneous interpretation equipment to fulfil the demand for high quality and modern Interpretation equipment rental supported by fully trained and reliable technicians.


Simultaneous interpretation equipment infrared system: CD-quality sound, ISO 4043 booths with a choice of complete Interpreters’ booth or table-top booths.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment Frequency modulation system: Audio quality similar to tuning to a radio station using an FM receiver/phone, ISO 4043 booths with a choice of complete Interpreters’ booth or table-top booths. This is most suitable for use in an event for 10,000 or more delegates.

If a simultaneous interpretation system (simultaneous translation system) is required, you should include the following:

  • Interpretation equipment (translating equipment)
  • Interpreter booths (translation booths)
  • Interpretation receivers (translation receivers)
Tour Guide System/Whisper System: With Receiver and Transmitter at proximity provide a budget solution. The Tour Guide System/Whisper System is good for:

  • Business or Civic Meetings
  • Education – Training
  • Employee Training
  • Entertainment or Performing Arts, Enhanced personalized audio
  • Athletic Stadiums or Arenas
  • Auditoriums
  • Government
  • Hospitality or Tourism
  • Houses of Worship – Mosque, Church, Cathedral, Synagogue
  • Manufacturing – Factory Tour
  • International Conventions – Interpretation
  • Law Enforcement – Court of Law
  • Medical or Dental Facilities
  • Tour Groups


Lingua Technologies International provides a turn-key solution for your interpretation requirement by helping to determine the type of interpretation equipment best suited for your budget and occasion.

Acting as a single point of contact for your interpretation needs, we are here to take away your stress of having to deal with multiple parties for your event.

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For the premium range, we have the slickest and latest interpretation equipment that meets the highest ISO standards (ISO-4043) and requirements, providing not only a lasting impression to your VIPs but also a conducive environment for your linguist.

If budget is of concern, we also have a range of efficient and effective standard interpretation equipment that fulfils their basic function and can be managed easily by yourself and the interpreters onsite.

Pictures of the Premium and Standard interpretation equipment are available upon request to help with your decision making and comparison purposes.

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