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Website Translation Services Singapore

We all know that the Internet connects businesses to global consumers.

But do you know that language, the all-important next level of connection, connect people?

According to the information from Internet World Stats dated 31st March 2021, there are currently 4,585,578,718 internet users worldwide. Compared to the last report figure of 2,405,518,376 from 2000, this represents a 190% increase in internet users worldwide. This is a huge jump by any standard, and it reinforces the importance of the Internet in the era driven very much by technology. The current pandemic, which shows no signs of retreating yet, has encouraged and made Work-From-Home the default for many worldwide, which could have a role to play in this huge increase in the number of internet users worldwide.

Interestingly, although the global commercial language is still predominantly English, its dominance is now being challenged by the Chinese language. At 20% of the total global internet population, the Chinese language users have grown 2650.4% over the last 20 years. That is a staggering average increase of more than 130% every year since 2000. Chinese is now the number 2 language on the Internet, with an internet penetration rate of 60%.

Top Ten Languages on the Internet
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Over the past 20 years, the English language still dominated the Internet. But its importance is slowly eroding as the percentage of growth of English internet users falls behind the growth of other language internet users. A high percentage growth does not necessarily equate to high growth in the absolute number of internet users for the languages.

For example, in the top ten languages used on the Internet, the language with the highest percentage growth over the past 20 years is Arabic at almost 9400%. But in the absolute figure, that only translated to 237,418,349 users. Whereas, for the Chinese language, at 2650% growth rate since 2000, its absolute figure is three times that of the Arabic language.

Another interesting figure is that English internet users only constitute 26% of the total global internet users.

Where are the biggest group of Internet users from?
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Out of a total of more than 5 billion internet users worldwide, 53.4% are from Asia. This number is up from the previous figure of almost 45%.

If you consider North America as the stronghold for English internet users, they only consist 6.7% of the global figure of more than 5 billion. This figure has fallen from the previous indication of 13%. This means more than 90% of global internet users are from outside of North America.

Asia is THE MARKET to be in NOW!

If you have limited resources and you want to go global with your business, Asia is the obvious choice of bet now and perhaps for many years to come.

Why are Translation and Localization important for Websites?

One thing most businesses have learned from the pandemic is that in order to survive, businesses must change their way of conducting business.

Relying on the domestic market and brick and mortar business model is no longer viable.

Businesses must reach out to the global market to capture every opportunity out there for them. To go global, you must have an international website that will speak to diverse audiences and convince them to buy from you.

Most global consumers prefer to buy products from websites that provide them with content and information in their language.

Despite this fact, very few businesses are connecting to a global audience. Instead of building a website that caters to various languages, cultures, and customs, many business websites still offer a one-size-fits-all customer experience.

In an increasingly globalized world, this is not the right way to go.

Bytelevel research recently published the 2021 Web Globalization Report Card presented a list of the top 25 global websites. They all have one thing in common: they are all multilingual sites.

To extend their global reach, the average number of languages supported by these top 25 websites increased from an average of 12 in 2005 to 33 in 2020.

No matter what you are selling, be it a product or a service, no matter how big or small you are, as soon as you begin selling internationally – or planning to do that– translation and localization of your website into the language used in your target market become a necessity.

The only difference is that, for big companies, the motivation is to keep international revenues high, while for the smaller businesses, it is an important way to enter and successfully penetrate the market.

Follow this link to find out THE BEST PRACTICES FOR A GLOBAL WEBSITE.


Here is a fact:

Web users are four times more likely to purchase from a site that communicates with them in their language.

That is why Lingua Technologies International, the leading provider of web language translation, employs translation experts from around the globe to make the crucial process of translating and localizing your website quick and painless. Our web localization is performed by highly skilled native linguists with experience in your field ensures that your message is not lost in translation.

We localize and translate content to other languages, translating your brand promises to reach your audience effectively. We make sure to produce compelling, clear-cut multilingual copy that is commercially appealing, and more importantly, culturally relevant. Unlike other translation companies, we give a human voice to translations.

We provide complete web translation and localization services to ensure clients bring a high-quality localized product and content to market quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, including:

  • Website globalization
  • Unicode enablement
  • Translation of HTML and XML files
  • Translation of databases
  • Localization of images, icons, and designs
  • Localization of numbering, currency, and date formats

Internet usage has increased 566% since 2000, and now more than ever, your success in the global market requires a dynamic language partner – one that has established the highest technical, organizational, and process standards and serves every client with integrity and commitment.

To start connecting with your global clients in a language they understand, contact us at or call us at +65 6576 0138 NOW!