Lingua Technologies International has been helping organizations communicate effectively with their audiences for more than two decades. Based in Singapore with a global reach of more than 5,000 highly qualified in-country translation resources, we are a global provider of multilingual translation services capable of scaling our services both up and down to meet the linguistic, localization and desktop publishing requirements of corporate, non-profit and government clients both large and small.

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Better User Experience, Greater Online Reach, Increased Sales

The only way to optimise customer conversion is to ensure their comfort level with the products and services is maximised. In order to do that, selling to them in a language they are most comfortable with will encourage purchase and buy-in rate. When you engage your global customer in their language, you will be able to reap the follow:


From marketing materials to packaging. From user guide to after sales support. When you translate your marketing communications and product information, you will create a better user experience for your global customers.


Our translation service immediately opens up your digital marketing channels to millions of people, and potential customers, who formerly could not understand it. This means you can now reach clients from all over the world through your multilingual website, social media channels, paid online advertisement, etc.


When you are trying to sell, you must always be using the language spoken by your clients. Tailored, understandable content is the first powerful step towards building profitable customer connections. By providing contents in local languages, you are engaging your potential client directly and you can immediately draw them closer to your brand.

Combined Power of Cutting-edge Technology & Native Speakers

We are proud to provide some of the best translation in Singapore, and we credit our success to our combined power of people and technology.

We have a community of experienced and carefully selected translators, who each ensure fast turnaround times and ensure that the copies read well. More than just language translators, they are experts in language style, linguistic connotations and cultural appropriateness. This is why we make sure our translators are native-speakers, selected by their superior language proficiency, subject knowledge and experience.

We keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and incorporate the use of these tools in our translation process to help create translation memories that can be leveraged for future use. Deployed strategically in our translation process, and together with our translators, these state-of-the-art tools can help maintain consistency in large-scale translation projects, improve overall translation quality, minimise critical errors, reducing time to market, and in the long run, it can even help manage and rationalise your overall translation costs.

The success of our localization projects is attributed to a winning combination of the following:

  • More than 17 years of experience in the translation and localization industry
  • The ability to provide multilingual translation with particular expertise in Asian and European languages by experienced native linguists
  • A seamless project management process led by a dedicated and knowledgeable team, and
  • Cutting-edge technology to support you throughout the translation and localization process and leverage the benefits derived from it.

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We were very satisfied with the translations which are currently being integrated into our website. We very much enjoyed working with your company on this project. Thank you again to you and your team...

Ms. Kallmayer

CMO Global Hospital

The client is very happy with the recent translations in Simplified & Traditional Chinese, there were no changes at all!!! Thank you for the excellent work!

Ms. Kallmayer

CMO Global Hospital

Brilliant, thank you Jolin – the first two project languages fully completed now! Thanks for your efforts and patience and please extend thanks to your linguists too!

Ms. Kallmayer

CMO Global Hospital


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