Software Translation & Localization Services

Just as there are many people in the world who do not speak your native language, there are many people who may want to use your programs and applications – only in their own language and in a format that is intuitive to them.

Clients come to us for Software translation services for their software in order to overcome cultural barriers that are preventing them from reaching a much larger audience.


The localization process involves both the translation and adaptation of software and all pertinent and corresponding documentation. While translation plays a big part, there are other tasks involved in a software development pipeline such as project management, software engineering and quality assurance testing. When performed properly, the localized software has the look and feel of the original while reflecting the linguistic and cultural differences and technical requirements of the target market.


Whether you’re a large global company whose international revenues already comprise a substantial part of your turnover, or a small startup seeking market entry and penetration in an overseas market, software translation and localization services is a must. Having performed numerous software localization projects for leading multinational corporations around the world, Lingua Technologies International has a wealth of experience in the field. Let us put it to work for you.

With our best-in-class methodology and advanced localization technologies, we make sure to accurately translate the text and seamlessly adjust the functional elements of your software. Whether it is an anti-virus system or software for training and eLearning, we may ship multi-language versions of your applications, so it becomes ready for global consumption.

We also have localization engineers and software programmers working with your development teams; they will assess your needs and develop cost-effective, practical solutions for your organization. Localization projects are handled by project managers as well, who work with linguists with relevant specialist knowledge and technical ability specific to your niche.

Our Software Translation and Localization services include:

  • Software internationalization
  • Unicode enablement
  • Translation of HTML and XML files
  • Translation of databases
  • Localization of images, icons and designs
  • Localization of numberings, currencies and date formats