Careers at Lingua Technologies International



Are you working at home alone but nobody knows you’re there? Miss sharing ideas with like-minded people? Having trouble getting new clients? Ready to join a dynamic global team comprised of the best linguists and project managers in the business?

Lingua Technologies International has built and maintained close working relationships with a global network of thousands of translators and language professionals, specialists in the most common languages as well as the most obscure. From actors to engineers, novelists, techies and veterinarians, it is a diverse and talented team.

Please send us your details via our online registration form to become part of our global linguistic team.


To meet the growth of Lingua Technologies International, we are constantly on the lookout for bright, diligent and passionate people. We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

  • Business Development Director, Global
  • Sales Consultant, Localization Solutions
  • Localization Consultants
  • Project Managers
  • Localization Managers
  • Layout & Publishing Specialist

The ideal candidate must have an entrepreneurial spirit and skills as well as the ability to manage a “business-within-a-business”

If language is your passion and translation and localization are your means of expression, we want you to be part of our network. If this sounds like the career move you’ve been looking for, please send your resume to and we will be in touch shortly to arrange for a meeting of the minds.


Lingua Technologies International invites highly motivated students from reputable universities around the world to gain practical experience and deeper knowledge of Asia’s translation and localization industry. To find out more about the program, please download our Internship Program Information.


Competitive Rates

Fast Turnaround

Quality Assured

With more than 20 years of proven excellence in translation services, Lingua Technologies International is one of the pioneers in offering Multilingual Translation Service Solution to Singapore and the region. The company takes pride in making translation an invaluable experience. With the ISO 17100 certification, you now have peace of mind that your translation projects are always processed and handled by professionals in accordance with the guidelines and standards outlined in this ISO certification specification developed for Translation Businesses worldwide. Let our professional team of linguists and project managers handle the tedious task of translation for you, leaving you with more time to do what matters most to you: your business.