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Desktop Publishing Service involves the arrangement of text and graphics on the page using a wide range of cutting-edge software tools and skills drawn from numerous disciplines, followed by the creation of digital files in the correct format for printing or electronic publishing in the form of a PDF, presentation or other medium.

With the debut of the Apple Macintosh, Aldus PageMaker and the first desktop laser printers thirty years ago, everybody became a publisher, and for a long time there were some pretty crude-looking documents out there. However, professional multilingual desktop publishing or layout service requires experience apart from the knowledge of the usage of these software.

Attractive Layouts with Typographic Quality

At Lingua Technologies International, desktop publishing software experts and talented graphic artists transfer the client’s text and images into an attractive layout with typographic quality comparable to traditional printing, allowing big organizations to look good and small organizations to look big. No matter what media or marketing materials are required, from menus to church newsletters to brochures, books and magazines, Lingua Technologies International has a long history of providing them, affordably and professionally.

The goal of our software desktop publishing service is to produce localized materials that accurately reflect the original content. It aims to make sure the content complies with the standards of every language and target locale. For documents with complex design layouts and heavy graphics, we also make sure the translated content fits the original layout and graphic design.

Lingua Technologies International has dedicated teams made up of top desktop publishing experts and talented graphic artists in the translation industry. Together with our highly skilled translators, they can publish content in multiple languages.

Desktop publishing or layout is done by professional layout artist based in Singapore on applications such as Adobe Suite, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Framemaker and more in all languages.

Desktop Publishing Service in Multiple Languages

Desktop publishing service in multiple languages requires an additional layer of expertise, as translating content from one language to another has a substantial impact on the layout.

For instance:

  • French, Spanish and Arabic increase word count and hence require more space or a smaller font size.
  • German and Russian words can be extremely long, requiring the resizing of graphics and menu items.
  • Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi require a big layout change as these Middle Eastern languages are written from right to left.
  • Chinese, Korean and Japanese desktop publishing projects require special publishing software to produce documents that are localized for the target audience.

Lingua Technologies International has a team of desktop publishing experts who are ready and able to take your documentation and marketing materials through the design, creation and digital prep stages to their final destination on the global market – in any language.

All are fully trained to work on a variety of operating systems with cutting-edge multilingual publishing and graphics software, including:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Freehand
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • QuarkXPress
  • Coreldraw
  • RoboHelp
  • MSHelp Compiler


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Desktop Publishing Services

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