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October 2020

Chinese Indonesians


June 2020

Why Human Translation still reign supreme (For now)

Ways to work alongside AI: Advise for Human Translators


May 2020

English & Chinese: What Sets Them Apart?
PART 4 – Back to Basics: Words

English & Chinese: What Sets Them Apart?
PART 3 – Stringing Everything Together

Multilingual Covid-19 Terminology to Support Accurate Translation and Interpretation For Free Download

English & Chinese: What Sets Them Apart?
PART 2 – Sentence Structure Strikes Again


April 2020

English & Chinese: What Sets Them Apart?
PART 1 – Reading, Writing, and…Sentence Structure?

Risk of Mediocre Translation

Importance of Translation

Tips on Working-From-Home (WFH)


January 2020

Will Machine Translation aka AI “annihilate” Human Translators?

Multilingual SEO: A crucial part of International SEO

ISO 17100: A Global Standard for Certified Translation Companies

ASEAN – Market beyond China and India


December 2019

It’s the season of ANNUAL REPORT!!! 


November 2019

Don’t miss out on the lucrative Chinese market!


October 2019

GCBG – 2019 ANNUAL General Meeting In Bangkok, THAILAND


May 2019

Guide: How to choose the right graphic design company

6 reasons you should engage professionals for your graphic design needs


April 2019

Overview of our Graphic Design Services


February 2019

How to avoid common translation mistakes


January 2019

Translation for the healthcare and medical industries

A guide to preparing for your first translation

Not all translation jobs are created equal

How to choose a Translation Company


December 2018

5 reasons you should not be doing your own translation


September 2018

Review of the “Translation – Getting it right” Guide

Why translate with Lingua Technologies International?


August 2018

Essential guide to organizing a successful interpretation event


May 2018

Quality translation: What’s the significance?


March 2018

Why should businesses consider translation as part of the cost of doing international business?

What makes a good translation company?


December 2017

What to take note in the translation of subtitles

Offset Printing vs Digital Printing: Which is better?


November 2017

Are humans on the way out?


October 2017

Notarial Services – Legalization, Authentication, Attestation and Certification – Steps to submitting official documents in China and Singapore.

Life as an Editor

Rolling with Kocarek


September 2017

Beyond translations: the work involved in publishing translated publications

International Translation Day

What does the economic rise of China mean for business communications?

ASEAN – the next Asian hotspot


August 2017

English language problem: fix it to grow your business internationally


July 2017

Conference, conference, conference …

There is such a thing as a good client!

And leave truth as the casualty


June 2017

Localization 101: Your website can benefit from a translated copy

Why did language become extremely varied?

China and Hong Kong: The importance of communicating through a single medium


April 2017

Video game translation for a reference on good localization

Which documents require a certified translation?


March 2017

What can affect the certified translation of your documents?

All set to take your business global? 3 crucial factors for international selling

How ISO 17100 is going to affect you and me


February 2017

Difference between ISO 17100 and ISO 9001

Language Translation Voice over Services: marketing content voiced in different languages

All you need to know about the Voice over process

A Singapore affair: the translation industry and market through local eyes

Breaking barriers: language interpretations in health care


January 2017

Lingua Technologies gains an ISO 17100 certification: What it means for you

Difference between ISO 17100 and EN 15038

What you really need is an Interpreter!!

Language Translation Voice over Services: marketing content voiced in different languages

The 7th Asian Translation Traditions Conference


December 2016

What is ISO 17100 and what does it mean for a translation company?


November 2016

Major role of translation and localization in driving Singapore’s economy

Lingua Technologies International celebrates the achievement of ISO 17100


September 2016

GCBG staff exchange program – my experience


August 2016

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
PART 2 – Using cheap and unqualified resources for translation.

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
PART 1 – Machine translation used as a replacement for human translators.

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.


April 2016

GHS linguistic requirement on SDS and labelling requirement for different countries in Asia

Transcript of the closing speech for VATI 2015 by Mr. Nickson Cheng


January 2016

A year since Singapore Supreme Court has ceased offering translation service – so do you know about the latest changes?


December 2015

Why bad translations ruin corporate reputations and leave your clients in tears


January 2015

Come January 2015, Singapore Supreme Court to cease offering translation service – so who can you turn to for certified translations now?


October 2014

Question and answer with the Business Times 2014 PART 3

Question and answer with the Business Times 2014 PART 2

Question and answer with the Business Times 2014 PART 1

Question and answer with the Straits Times 2013 PART 2

Question and answer with the Straits Times 2013 PART 1



July 2014

7 ways Singapore government agencies can avoid Translation Blunders


March 2014

How much can a translator make?

Cina, Tionghua, or Chinese? How do you call Indonesians of Chinese descent in Bahasa Indonesia?

5 ways to minimize translation blunders in the tourism industry


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