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German is one of the most popular language spoken by many countries in the EU. With its affluent population, it is a lucrative market to enter for most. In order not to miss out, make sure you budget for translation to be done into German if you are entering the German speaking markets.

Professional german translation services for the german speaking market

As with translation of any languages, translation from German or into German is no easy task. Most of the problems of English to German translation can be categorized into three classes namely lexical, grammatic and pragmatic. But don’t worry, we are not going to get into the academic aspect of it.

Spoken by more than 100 million people across the globe, German or Deutsch is the most widely spoken native language in the EU. It is also the top five most widely used languages on the internet. German is also the 11th most spoken language globally. Do you know that German is the most common mother tongue in Europe, beating French, Spanish, Italian and even English?  Yes. In fact, German is the office language in seven countries namely Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Italy and Belgium.

Some of the most obvious challenges faced in German translation are associated with gendered nouns, sentence structure, and how spoken German as an inflected language further challenges the task of translating German into other languages and vice versa.

For German, both traditional and reformed spelling exist. Not only are there differences in spelling, there are also different types of German – namely Swiss, Austrian, Bavarian Dialect, Upper Saxon Dialect, Berlin Dialect, Low German and Pennsylvania ‘Dutch’!

Certified Professional Translation Service done by professional translators in Singapore. Accredited with an ISO 17100 certification, Lingua Technologies International offers high quality translation into all languages using approved, proven and globally accredited processes to manage your translation.

About the german language

Now a little bit more about the language itself.

The German language is a Germanic language of the Indo-European family. An interesting fact to note for the language is that during the Old German period (c.750 to c.1050), local dialects were used in German writing. There was no standard language then. In 1880, grammatical and orthographic rules were made in the Duden handbook, which is a dictionary of the German language. This was then declared as the standard definition of the German language years later.

About germany – a world economic powerhouse

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Germany? Oktoberfest? Advanced Technologies? Cars?

With a population of slightly more than 80 million to date and the fifth largest country in Europe, Germany’s economy is the fifth largest in the world in term of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and Europe’s largest. Being home to numerous international corporations, the importance of the German economy and the German language cannot be further emphasized.

Still not convinced that German is one of the most influential languages in the world? How about this fun fact: German is one of the three most learned languages in the world as well as one of the ten most widely spoken languages in the world?

With these key information in mind, communicating in German and getting English to German translation services is definitely important, if you are looking to go global with your products and services. This is especially so if you want to penetrate the European market using E-commerce.

With the additional fact that Germany is the third world’s largest exporter, further solidifies the influence of this language. This is also evident in its use in the engineering industry. Ranking 6th in the world in terms of the number of internet users, Germany has an internet penetration rate of almost 90% of its total population.

All of those mentioned above are merely the tip of the iceberg.

There are much more things to consider than just getting someone who knows German to handle translation into English and from German.

Your best choice for professional German translation

When it comes to getting authentic German translation, it is very essential to get the right German translators with enough training and professional experience to produce German translations that are fit for its purpose.

With more than 2 decades of experience in providing English to German, German to English and German related language pairs translation services, we can share this valuable experience with you.

With our ISO 17100 certification and a huge pool of German translators supported by one of our GCBG partners in Germany, you know your translations are in good hands.

German partner in Germany providing German translation support to GCBG members

Providing translation solutions for the global German speaking market is definitely our forte. When you work with us for your professional German translation requirement, you know you are getting expert advice and solutions from the source. You can now leave the tedious task of translation to our professional team of linguists and project managers, while leaving you with more time to do what matters most to you.

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Offering the most competitive prices for translation for the quality it is offering, Lingua Technologies International is the only professional translation company accredited an ISO 17100 certification in Singapore.Fastest turnaround time mean faster time-to-market, Lingua Technologies International offers the most efficient timeline for the quality it delivers and is the only professional translation company accredited an ISO 17100 certification in Singapore.Lingua Technologies International is the only professional translation company accredited an ISO 17100 certification in Singapore that offers the globally accredited processes to ensure high quality translation results.

With more than 20 years of proven excellence in translation services, Lingua Technologies International is one of the pioneers in offering Multilingual Translation Service Solution to Singapore and the region. The company takes pride in making translation an invaluable experience. With the ISO 17100 certification, you now have a peace of mind that your translation projects are always processed and handled by professionals in accordance to guidelines and standards set forth in this ISO certification specification developed for Translation Businesses worldwide. You can now leave the tedious task of translation to our professional team of linguists and project managers, while you work on what matters most to you: your business.











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