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interpreting services


Interpretation or Interpreting service is required when two or more people need to communicate but do not share a common language. There is also a huge demand for professional interpreting services, especially in international conferences and exhibitions.

With a professional team of top interpreters in all the major Asian languages – all of whom have native proficiency in both English and the target language – Lingua Technologies International is at the forefront of language interpreting services with a distinguished list of local and overseas clients.


There are several types of Interpreting Service available but the most commonly used ones are as follows:


interpreting services
In simultaneous interpreting (SI), interpreters render the message in the target language almost immediately after the source language is spoken while the speaker continues to speak. Interpreters are usually equipped with interpretation equipment such as headsets that are linked to the speaker’s microphone to ensure that they can hear the words clearly, and can be located a distance away from the speaker, but in the same room, ideally observing the conference from soundproof booths.

Simultaneous interpreting service is usually required at international conferences. Due to its intensive nature, two or more interpreters are generally on hand so they can alternate. Upon special request, solo simultaneous interpretation can also be provided for a duration of up to 4 hours but do note that this is not the common industry standard practice.


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In consecutive interpreting (CI), interpreters render the message after the source-language speaker has finished speaking. The speech is usually broken up into small segments, and the interpreter sits beside the speaker, processing the interpretation as the speaker progresses through the message.

Consecutive interpreting is commonly required for interviews, business meetings, medical consultations, marriage registrations, press briefings, court hearings, and other occasions where the number of people who require interpreting is small, and usually, only one interpreter is required for each speaker.


A good interpreter apart from being highly competent in both the source and target languages should also be familiar with the origin country’s language culture, perhaps a bit of their history and also their beliefs. A very good example would be the Japanese language, with varying levels of greeting based on the seniority, and whether they are talking to their family, superiors, colleagues, or friends.

But because this service is of human effort, after all, there are bound to be the audience’s opinions formed towards the linguists’ appearance, sex, dressing, voice, etc. While this is unavoidable, we can minimize such biases by engaging interpreters who are not run of the mill occasional part-timers but those who are equipped with years of experience and having done hundreds of interpreting services.

interpreting company


Interpreters’ services are mostly required for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, training, business meetings, the Court of Law, tour groups, Government and political leader visits, and the list goes on.

In order for us to understand your requirement better, we have prepared a checklist for you to fill up. These include information such as the language pair required, the nature of the event, the topic or the industry pertaining to the event, the venue, the number and the type of audience, the type of interpretation needed, any interpretation equipment rental needed, etc.

By gathering all this information, we would be able to help identify interpreters with the right fit for your event. As good interpretations are in high demand, we recommend booking your interpreters as early as 6 months ahead of your event. With all that settled, you will be more assured of a smooth and successful event.


We believe in providing the best interpreters for your unique events and setting. This is well supported by our linguist’s many years of experience in handling hundreds of events.

With our well-connected network, through our GCBG global alliance covering almost all continents, we can also support your overseas events. Depending on your requirement and budget, we can arrange for interpreters from Singapore or native interpreters for your events.

Regionally, we have provided interpretation services covering places that include Bali, Phuket, Ho Chi Min, or even further out in Macau, Taiwan, or Hong Kong, and China. Overseas surcharges are applicable.

We can also arrange for local interpreters and interpretation equipment rental through our GCBG network covering North and South America, Europe, North Asia, South, and Southeast Asia, and Austrasia.

To give a better idea of our linguist’s wealth of experience, you can always request for their CV to provide you with the assurance and confidence in the interpreters you engage, with some of them having as many as 20 or more years of experience.


Lingua Technologies International offers a turn-key solution for you by selecting the best interpreter for your event while providing the most ideal interpretation equipment to enhance your interpretation session.

Acting as a single point of contact for your interpretation needs, we are here to take away your stress of having to deal with multiple parties for your event.

Please contact us at or call us at +65 6576 0138 NOW!


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