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About Lingua Technologies International

Lingua Technologies International is today a major player in the global translation and localization industry. Founded in 1996, the company provides top-tier translation services through a network of professionally trained native-speaking translators with subject matter expertise. Through the years, the company has expanded to offer a full suite of comprehensive localization services to facilitate multilingual communication and to provide our clients with the extra marketing edge when competing in the global market. These includes:
  • Multilingual Translation Service
  • Certified Translation Service for official documents
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing & Design
  • Multilingual Interpretation Service
  • Interpretation Equipment Rental
  • Transcription Service
  • Subtitling Service
  • Live Captioning
  • Multimedia Localization Services such as graphic editing, voiceover, dubbing etc.
Our success in the translation and localization industry over the past 2 decades is attributable to a winning combination of Art and Science. At Lingua Technologies International, we scour the planet to find the best and brightest to bring into our network. At the same time, we are always the first to adopt the newest cutting-edge workflow management technologies required to support our human capital. A strategic combination of talent, technology and experience allow us to provide customized services tailored to the needs of each individual client and each unique scenario. This gave rise to our specialisation in providing specific translation solutions in the following industries:
  • Banking and Finance (FinTech)
  • Legal
  • Pharmaceutical, Medical & Biotech
  • IT
  • Consumer Electronics (FMCG)
  • Marketing
Our long-term experience with clients in a broad spectrum of industry sectors allows us to offer scalable and dynamic solutions that bring proven value-added benefits – immediately and into the future.


Lingua Technologies International was established as a translation company in Singapore in 1996 to help large and small organizations connect with their global customers via a local approach, by managing all multilingual content and assets centrally with a client-optimized system that is built to deliver a consistent, universal message for all communications with an overall lower localization costs and a faster time to market.
Translation is a human-delivered service, similar to commissioning art, music and literature, and therefore subject to widely differing viewpoints. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that will satisfy everyone, just as a work of art can be deemed a masterpiece by one person and nonsense by another. At Lingua Technologies International, ISO 17100 standard is key. Being one of the first translation companies in this region to be awarded the ISO 17100 certification, our approach to managing this largely subjective discipline begins with comprehensive linguistic tests that extend across various fields to qualify our in-house and external linguists. The qualitative reports from these tests clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of all our linguists, translators and editors alike, and are supported by ongoing post-project reports that are updated for all work produced. We draw upon these reports to select the most appropriate translation team for each unique translation requirement. With this system, we build and maintain a large database of linguistic teams, which allows us to switch and combine teams quickly to meet the differing, exacting requirements of our clients.
Accomplishing our goal of providing long-term value for our clients requires that we continue to stay abreast of the latest cutting-edge tools and processes, and persist in customizing precise solutions to meet our clients’ needs for years to come. This approach allows us to continuously enhance the Science to advance the Art of the work we deliver at lower cost and higher efficiency, so we can pass on these cost savings, time savings and quality improvements to our clients. This is done intricately by the strategic deployment of latest tools and applications in our ISO 17100 certified translation processes to enhance the capabilities of our brilliant translators to improve consistency and quality of translation in the long run.

Words from clients

  • We have used the services of Lingua Technologies International for many years now and haven’t had any reason to go anywhere else for our layout and translation jobs. The team at Lingua Technologies International is very professional, capable, and extremely efficient in meeting deadlines.

    Mr Bhardwaj
    Mr BhardwajDirector
  • I’m very impressed!

    Mr. Chew
    Mr. ChewSales Director APAC
  • Thank you for the great work

    Mr. Justin Lin
    Mr. Justin LinMachinery
  • Thank you. Your good service is appreciated always

    Ms. Tracy Jia
    Ms. Tracy JiaClinical Associate Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • Thank you very much for the project.  It went well and the client was happy with the translation.

    Mr. Eckstein
    Mr. Eckstein

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