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10 Languages

10 Different Languages for your multilingual live captioning requirement

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Live Captioning all different platforms

Available Worldwide

Available Worldwide

High security

Highly secured

Communication is key.

To understand and be understood is the objective of communication. Unfortunately, the many “distractions” around us, interrupt and distort intended messages, making communication a challenge.

Live caption dramatically enhances communication by providing the words on screen to reinforce what has been said. Live captions reduce the chance of miscommunication and increasing productivity during meetings, discussions and presentations, ensuring that nothing will be lost in translation.

Live caption also makes your content most accessible to a wider group of audience and it promotes inclusiveness by encouraging participation from the hearing-impaired and those who may not be very fluent in the language spoken.

By displaying live text on television, video screen or other visual display i.e PC, mobile phones or tablets, as a form of additional or interpretive information, live captioning can help facilitate optimum communication condition in live meetings and events such as:

  • Meetings
  • Conference calls
  • Training sessions
  • Group discussions
  • Video conferences
  • Sporting events and concerts

Live captioning is one of the full-suite speech service solution offered by Lingua Technologies International in collaboration with our tech partner. Boasting of one of the speediest rates of speech-to-text on screen in the market and 99.9% accuracy, our live captioning service supports 10 languages including English, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and other major South East Asian languages.

Remote Real-time Captions: How does it work?

Audio We need a clear stable output.jpg

Audio Requirement: Clear & stable output

Prep requirement: Agenda & meeting information

Caption: Click on your dedicated URL

Our captioner will access to your telecommunication tools

Our Captioner will access your telecommunication tools or VOIP (Google Hangout, Panato, Zoom etc).Your participants can click on our URL to read the captions.

Transcript is available immediately.

High Focus on Security

Highly Secured: Secured server, stream is https encrypted, email & files are encrypted at source.

Use Live Captioning for your next Zoom meeting

Zoom video has been widely used for meeting and conferencing from home. It is an effective video conferencing platform to connect with our work colleagues or audiences. This is to maximise the impact of your Zoom meeting to make your content more engaging and inclusive by adding our accurate Live Captioning.


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