Translation Solutions By Industry

Lingua Technologies International was established to help organizations large and small connect with their global customers via a local approach while managing all multilingual content and assets centrally with a client-optimized system that is built to deliver a consistent, universal message for all communications with lower localization costs and faster time to market.


At Lingua Technologies International, Translation is a human-delivered service, similar to commissioning art, music, and literature, and therefore subject to widely differing viewpoints. This service is supported by our adherence to ISO 17100 certification, an ISO standard specifically developed to control processes in Translation Companies worldwide.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach that will satisfy everyone, just as a work of art can be deemed a masterpiece by one person and nonsense to another.

At Lingua Technologies International, our approach to managing this largely subjective discipline begins with comprehensive linguistic tests that extend across various fields to qualify our in-house and external linguists.

From these tests, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of all our people and select the most appropriate translation team for each unique translation requirement. With this system, we build and maintain a large database of linguistic teams, which allows us to switch and combine teams quickly to meet the differing, exacting requirements of our clients.


Accomplishing our goal of providing long-term value for our clients requires that we continue to stay abreast of the latest cutting-edge tools and processes. We are also adamant in the pursue of customizing precise solutions to meet our clients’ needs for years to come. This approach allows us to continuously enhance the Science to advance the Art of the work we deliver at a lower cost and higher efficiency, so we can pass on these cost savings, time savings, and quality improvements to our clients.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to translation. The languages requested may be the same across similar regions but the required results differ. By leveraging and combining legacy knowledge of our existing database, processes, and experiences with state-of-the-art Translation Technology, we can, intuitively, provide Customised Translation Solutions for different industries such as Banking & Finance, Consumer Electronics, IT, Legal, Pharmaceutical, and more.