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Financial Translation Services singapore


Money talks. In different languages.

Traditional financial translation services backed by technology has been rightfully transformed into what we now know as Fintech. Like other businesses, financial services in their new morph have far greater potential to be realized globally. It is now possible and necessary for the financial services industry to conduct business globally in various languages to achieve optimized efficiency and stay compliant with international and local regulatory requirements.

Strategically located to serve one of the world's fastest-growing regions, Singapore offers unparalleled access to global markets and enables access to investors to a growing Asian market. With a triple-A rated economy, Singapore continues to be well-placed as a vital hub and location for business expansion and investments.

The Fintech industry translation is undergoing enormous change, brought about by new regulations and regulatory regimes, globalization of trade, and increased competition. Like many other industries, the Fintech industry is in a state of constant redevelopment and change. Some sectors are in the process of repositioning themselves from being service providers to becoming sellers of financial products. Others are restructuring their products to remain internationally competitive.

As globalization becomes a process and not an option in any business decisions and driven by a more sophisticated market both local and abroad, the need to penetrate broader markets becomes a matter of survival for many in the Fintech industry.

With globalization in mind, companies in the Fintech industry now serve an increasingly multicultural and globally distributed investor and customer base. This means that they must deliver product and service information in multiple languages to grow their market share. Translation is now an indispensable component of any global financial services operations.

Fintech Translations Backed by ISO 17100 Certification

The pandemic, which resulted in a much-reduced physical interaction, has seen strong growth and demand for all types of digital financial services. This, in turn, has greatly facilitated the ability of these financial translation services to reach more people no matter where they are in the world.

The development of cryptocurrency, blockchain technologies, ICO documentation and regulation of the financial sector and all its related digital financial translation services has prompted many stakeholders to consider how to take their businesses to the world. To go international, enterprises are looking at the role of translation, particularly from a linguistic and cultural perspective, in their growth strategy.

Whether you are a banking or financial institution, a fintech startup developing blockchain, cryptocurrency, mobile banking, digital wallet, contactless payment services and technology solutions, you want to bring your fintech solutions global. To accomplish that, you will need translation and localization services to optimize your reach to potential users all over the world. Only when your localized contents are logical and linguistically superior will your global customers be more willing to buy from and work with you.

This objective can only be achieved through an intelligent combination of high-quality translation performed by professional translators experienced in the financial sector and adaptable, secure translation technology to manage and leverage precise terminology and existing legacy translations.

When working with a specialist translation service provider like Lingua Technologies International, you are assured that your communication goals in different languages across different locales are achieved seamlessly.

Our Fintech Translation Solution utilizes a combination of specialist technology and professional linguists to consistently produces accurate translations to help you get ahead in the global market with speed and scale whilst maximizing consistency and reducing cost in the long run.

Your success in today's global economy centres not only on your ability to make critical decisions and coming up with innovative solutions to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the users' financial habits. It also depends very much on the ability of your translation partner to deliver high-quality translations in the most cost-efficient and cost-effective way by combining secured translation technology with profession human translation.

Optimize the Deployment of Your Global Financial Technology Solutions with the Best Fintech Translation

With more than 25 years in the translation industry, Lingua Technologies International, an ISO 17100 certified translation company, provides specialized multilingual Fintech, traditional Banking and Finance translation solutions. The company facilitates financial services companies and Fintech technology startups to achieve international business success in the global market.

By investing heavily in technology-based translation workflows and solutions and nurturing professional translators with exceptional aptitude and awareness of the financial industry, the company has successfully helped many businesses in the financial sector reach out to their global market efficiently and effectively.

Blockchain & Its Translation Requirement

The speed at which technology advances is staggering. The digital revolution is going at a double-speed rate, and blockchain is part of this speed monster.

According to Gartner, the business value-add of blockchain will exceed USD3.1 trillion by 2030. PWC's survey of 600 executives over 15 territories has 84% of respondents saying that their organizations have at least some sort of involvement with blockchain technology.

Blockchain is set to redefine how we buy, sell, transact, pay, and validate economic activities in today's digital-driven economy. We predict that blockchain-related translation demands will grow exponentially in the post-pandemic world when global trade growth resumes.

Suppose you are a Fintech-based company, and you are engaged extensively in the development of blockchain technologies. In that case, the requirement for fast and accurate multilingual translation support for your global expansion is crucial.

We have a wealth of experience customizing translation and localization solutions for the Fintech-based industry and the blockchain economy. Its technology, applications, and solutions feature very prominently in our repertoire.

Translation Solution Customized for Blockchain Industry

With our Blockchain Translation Solution, we can optimize translation quality while maintaining consistency across documents and applications. Our solution can also help improve time-to-market by releasing blockchain applications in various languages simultaneously, allowing companies to reach their market in a shorter time and ahead of their competitors.

Our full suite of Fintech translation solutions for a variety of blockchain documents, applications, and blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) solutions covers software interfaces, user documentation, and websites, and it includes:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Virtual asset transactions for video games
  • Blockchain banking and Fintech
  • Blockchain-based medical research
  • Blockchain-powered eCommerce
  • Blockchain-based accounting and auditing
  • Secure online trading and stock investment
  • Multilingual Tamper-proof voting systems
  • Inventory and supply chain management
  • Enhanced machine learning
  • Intelligent antivirus software
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi)

Blockchain focused Translation Solutions

Lingua Technologies International has developed a trusted translation ecosystem since 1996. By staying abreast of translation technology, the company combines traditional localization workflow with translation technology primed for optimization to support Fintech companies reach to the global market.

Financial Translation Services singapore

Lingua Technologies International invests heavily in technology to allow our traditional translation/localization workflow that is ISO 17100 certified to be optimized to meet the demands of Blockchain technology requirements.

Translation Memory technology is made to assume a proactive role in our on-demand translation solutions to allow efficient simultaneous-launch of Blockchain products and services efficiently across different languages and territories.

AI translation technology is smartly deployed with human intelligence in an optimized Translation Management System environment that integrates professional linguistic resources and best-in-class translation technology to confidently offer immaculate Translation and Localization Solutions.

The company provides certified Fintech translation solutions in all major languages, including but not limited to major Asian, European, Nordic, Latin American, Indic and Middle Eastern languages. This trusted translation service is backed by a team of professional native translators based in their home country who are experienced in translating for the financial industry. The workflow is managed within a state-of-the-art language technology system that combines human intelligence with linguistic AI technology to deliver accurate Fintech translations in the language of your choice.


If you want to go global, the only way to be noticed and to be taken seriously is to speak your customers' languages. You have to have all your communication contents translated and localized with technical precision and linguistic fluency to allow your global customers to know that you mean business and that you are ready to commit locally to them in their locales.

Lingua Technologies International has been a trusted localization partner of many companies in the Banking and Finance industry for the past two decades. Our dedicated project management team, as well as a linguistic team, specialized in Banking and Finance translation Industry, have been working together to fulfil the most stringent localization requirements for renowned companies, big and small, in the Banking and Finance industry, not just in Singapore but also for companies in South-East Asia, North Asia, and Australasia region.

Our exclusive focus on localization and translation requirements unique to the Banking and Finance industry makes us the preferred partner in localization solutions. We offer a systematic quality-driven translation and localization solution that enables our clients to transform content and information into formats that meet their target audience's language and cultural requirements.

Having an experienced partner with proven Banking and Finance industry expertise, proven translation capabilities, and a global network of qualified resources makes all the difference. By combining its wealth of translation experience with the latest technologies and customer-focused project management, Lingua Technologies International has helped many companies localized their products and Financial Translation Services.

Below is a list of projects we have helped translated:

  • Stock options & Shareholder Reports
  • Trade Deals & Annual Reports
  • Contractual Agreements
  • Compliance Documentation
  • Investment & Loan Agreements
  • Bond & Securities Market
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Analysis & Publications Report
  • Regulatory Prospectuses
  • Banking, Finance Website Localization
  • Macro-Economic Survey Translation
  • Equity Research & Prospectuses
  • Bank Statements & Claim Documents
  • Profit & Loss Reports
  • Insurance Policy & Marketing
  • Disclosure Agreements
  • Cryptocurrency and its related services
  • Blockchain technology and its related service


With an in-depth understanding of the diverse challenges and concerns of the Banking and Finance industry covering Banking, Capital markets, Wealth Management, and Insurance, Lingua Technologies International offers ISO 17100 certified translation that combines state-of-the-art translation technology with human intelligence that works seamlessly with a quantifiable QA process.

Your long-term global success in the Banking and Finance industry requires a dynamic language partner, one that establishes technical, organizational, and process standards with integrity and commitment.

Leverage from our wealth of experience. Let us be your language partner.

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With more than 20 years of proven excellence in translation services, Lingua Technologies International is one of the pioneers in offering Multilingual Translation Service Solution to Singapore and the region. The company takes pride in making translation an invaluable experience. With the ISO 17100 certification, you now have peace of mind that your translation projects are always processed and handled by professionals in accordance with the guidelines and standards outlined in this ISO certification specification developed for Translation Businesses worldwide. Let our professional team of linguists and project managers handle the tedious task of translation for you, leaving you with more time to do what matters most to you: your business.