May 12

Lingua Technologies International to Adopt New Tripartite Standards for a More Flexible and Inclusive Workplace

Singapore, 5 May 2020 – Leading local translation and localisation company Lingua Technologies International (LTI) has adopted the Tripartite Standards on Flexible Work Arrangements and Age-friendly Workplace Practices as part of its next step in safeguarding a more inclusive workplace for all.

The Tripartite Standards are part of a Tripartite initiative that aims to establish good employment practices in various functional areas. The Standards on Flexible Work Arrangements specifies good practices in the implementation of effective flexible work arrangements, which include flexibility in terms of work timing and duration, location and scope. This will allow employees to better manage their work-life needs and contribute to a more conducive workplace.

Similarly, the Standards on Age-friendly Workplace Practices specifies good age management practices, such as not using age as a criterion when selecting job candidates, providing adequate training for older employees, as well as designing jobs and workplaces to ensure that they are physically easy, safer and smarter for these employees. This will ensure that older workers aged 60 and above are treated fairly and receive the required support in terms of training and workplace health.

The adoption of these Standards not only signifies LTI’s recognition of the important role that flexible work arrangements have in creating a conducive work environment, but also highlights the Company’s commitment to establishing a more inclusive workplace for older workers. These Standards will also further enhance the Company’s already robust employment practices and contribute to an even more supportive work environment for all.

“Our employees are our greatest asset. Brilliant business strategies and aggressive marketing campaigns will fail miserably if you do not have committed employees to execute them. They will determine the success or failure of a company. We are proud and honoured to be part of the Tripartite Standards as we take further steps to ensure a more inclusive workplace for all.” Reiterated Mr. Nickson Cheng, the CEO of Lingua Technologies International.

The Standards adopted will take effect from 5 May 2020.


Lingua Technologies International was founded in 1996 to provide top-tier translation services through the Company’s winning combination of art and science. Today, Lingua Technologies not only caters to translation requirements but also provides a comprehensive range of project management and editorial services, as well as helps clients create original content in multiple languages. Lingua Technologies is dedicated to leveraging talent, technology and experience to provide customised services tailor-made for each client, as well as scalable and dynamic solutions with proven value-added benefits.


TAFEP is an agency of the Tripartite Alliance Limited (set up by the tripartite partners in March 2016), and partners its two other agencies, the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM) and the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) , to achieve the vision of “Progressive Workplaces. Harmonious Work Relations”.

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