August 8

Lingua Technologies International and Prolangs Sign Strategic Marketing Agreement

Singapore, 4th July 2014 – Lingua Technologies International and Prolangs officially announced today that the companies have signed a strategic marketing agreement to forge a closer tie to collaborate in the development of localisation and translation service in order to enhance their competitiveness in their respective markets. This collaboration will also see the two companies, working together in cross-border projects and tenders through their combined resources. CEOs of both companies have been in discussion since the end of 2013. “Prolangs and Lingua Technologies International have been strategic partners for the longest time. Our alliance with Lingua Technologies International through Global Communication Business Group (GCBG) in 2009 has given rise to this idea of a more intensified relationship and collaboration between the two companies.” Said Young Kwon, CEO of Prolangs. “Having re-established the company in the beginning of 2013 and being accepted immediately into GCBG has been very encouraging for Lingua Technologies International. Our relationship with Prolangs has always been a strong one and we are thoroughly honoured that we are now a partner of Prolangs. Now we can proudly say that we have a Korean office!” Said Nickson Cheng, CEO of Lingua Technologies International. “Asia is the growing market and we are more equipped and ready than ever to face the challenges from this market.” Said Young Kwon. “Together with Lingua Technologies International, strategically place in South Asian and Prolangs in North Asia, we can now cover the whole of Asia efficiently and effectively!” With a combined staff strength of more than 200 strong and linguistic resources far reaching than any other individual localisation and translation company in Asia, this collaboration will push competitiveness of both companies to the next level by offering unprecedented range of linguistic, project management, and translation technology support to potential clients.

About Prolangs Prolangs is a Korean-based leading language services company since 1988. The company has earned the highest reputation at home and abroad in professional software globalization services and solutions, having been awarded ISO 9002 certification in 1998. Prolangs applies more than 26 years of accumulated technical know-how in software and language services to break down language barriers and provide companies with effective, powerful B2B and B2C communications. Prolangs provides localization services in a wide range of languages from all over the world. For more information, please visit:

About Lingua Technologies International Established in 1996, Lingua Technologies International is one of the pioneers in translation/localization in Singapore. Today, it is the leading language service company and is one of the most successful ones in Singapore. The company offers turn-key localization solutions to both local and foreign government agencies, Fortune 500 companies as well as high-growth SMEs in the region and worldwide. For more information, please visit:

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