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Vati Translator Day HANOI

Ceo of lingua technologies international invited as a panelist for vietnamese translator day in hanoi november 2015

Singapore, 30 November 2015 – The CEO of Lingua Technologies International, Mr. Nickson Cheng was invited as one of the guest speakers to speak about “ Integration into the Global Community” at the VATI’s inaugural conference held in Hanoi, Vietnam on 28 Nov 2015.

Mr. Cheng was invited by VATI (Vietnamese Association of Translation Industry), to present his views. Other speakers include representatives from Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Japan.

During his session, he shared his perspective on the current environment in Singapore’s Translation industry.

Nickson has been invited regulars by accredited associations and organization to present his view on similar topics. In 2014, Nickson spoke at the Localization World Conference about the challenges of cross-cultural and cross-boundary business. His session was very well received at that time and his points then remain very relevant till today.

“I am very honoured to be invited by VATI to share my views on the Singapore’s Translation industry to the event’s participants. Being part of the ASEAN means that Singapore and Vietnam face similar challenges in the big environment. I am confident that there will be closer collaboration between translation professionals within the region in the near future as we work towards an ASEAN economic community.” said Nickson Cheng.

For more information on the session in Hanoi, follow this link:

About Lingua Technologies International

Established in 1996, Lingua Technologies International is one of the pioneers in translation/localization in Singapore. Today, it is the leading language service company and is one of the most successful ones in Singapore. The company offers turn-key localization solutions to both local and foreign government agencies, Fortune 500 companies as well as high-growth SMEs in the region and worldwide. For more information, please visit:

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