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Languages – our core and asset

Being one of the pioneers in the Translation and Localization industry, translation is our core business and we translate into many languages. We are what we call a Multi-Language vendor.

This means that Lingua Technologies International is capable of supporting a wide range of languages, which include Asian, European, Middle Eastern, Nordic and more.

With a pool of more than 5000 qualified linguistic experts globally, Lingua Technologies International has one of the richest resources in this industry.

Here is the list of languages offered by Lingua Technologies International:

Simplified Chinese French Arabic
Traditional Chinese German Farsi
Japanese Italian Hebrew
Korean Spanish Turkish
Malay Portuguese Afrikaans
Bahasa Indonesia Dutch Nepali
Tamil Swedish Swahili
Hindi Danish Swazi
Bengali Czech Somali
Sinhalese Greek Xhosa
Vietnamese Polish Sesotho
Thai Russian Zulu
Khmer Finnish Shona
Burmese Latin Gujerati

If you cannot find the language you are looking for in the list, please feel free to check with us. Even if you’re seeking some rare languages, our friendly salesperson will try their best to see if they can fulfil your request. Unfortunately, we are unable to handle Valyrian, Dothraki or even Na’vi, at this moment. But we will definitely try our best the next time.

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