March 7

How is ISO 17100 going to affect you and me

How is ISO 17100 going to affect you and me

In the final article of this ISO series, we are going to wrap it up by letting you know how ISO 17100 will benefit you, the customer!

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How does this benefit you?

The ISO 17100:2015 expresses clearly what you will expect as a customer seeking for translation services as it assures translation services being consistently fit for purpose by its provisions. An intangible service like translation is an art itself so its quality can sometimes be debatable. How do you really judge one’s work? Like any other paid service, you may have doubts whether what you’re getting is of a publish quality. You will try to request for proof of translators’ qualifications, existing samples or portfolio of the company in order to justify your decision on a certain translation provider.

Now that there is an international standard ISO 17100:2015 for translation services, it makes it a lot easier to know that you are buying translation from the right translation company by choosing the provider that is already certified.

Possessing the relevant standard like ISO 17100 says a lot about the company’s involvement and calibre in the field. Comparing with other companies who claim to have a wealth of experience but without the relevant certification, who will make a more credible choice now?

Here’s an overview on how you may benefit from the standard:

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