October 24

Changes in Notarisation and Authentication Process for Translated Document in Lingua Technologies International

Singapore, 1 October 2019 – With effect from Tuesday, 1 October 2019, all documents that require notarisation will have to be authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). This follows changes to the Singapore Academy of Law (Amendment) Rules 2019 and the Notaries Public (Amendment) Rules 2019, which take effect that day.

The implementation of the revised procedure is an effort to strengthen document integrity and prevent cases of fraudulent notarial and authentication certificates.

As a result of revised procedure, a mandatory authentication is now required. Previously, authentication of Notarial Certificate is optional. The change means that each Notarial Certificate will need to be authenticated by SAL, and the SAL Authentication Fee of $85.60 (inclusive of GST) will need to be paid to the Notary Public upfront when attending at our office.

With the change in the Notarisation and Authentication procedure, Lingua Technologies International will not be bundling Notarisation with their translation services.

Instead, the company will recommend a partner law firm that will handle the Notarisation of the translated document and Authentication of the Notarisation issued by the law firm.

Please note that Lingua Technologies International will only charge the following items:

  • Translation fee – for the translation of the document
  • Certification fee – for issuance of the Certificate of Translation Accuracy
  • Attendance fee – for authorised personnel from Lingua Technologies International to sign the said document in front of the Notary Public

Upon the completion of the translation and certification process, Lingua Technologies International will recommend a partner law firm that the client can work with for the Notarisation and Authentication process.

For further clarification, please contact Lingua Technologies International at 6576 0138 or write to inquiry@translationsingapore.com.

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