October 25



The Annual General Meeting of Global Communication Business Group (GCBG) shareholders was held over two days (24-25 September 2019) in Bangkok, Thailand under the chairmanship of Nickson Cheng, the currently chairman of GCBG.

2019 also coincides with the 10th anniversary of GCBG.

The group has certainly come a long way since its inception in Singapore back in 2009.

The AGM was kindly hosted by LT TextNova, a leading translation company based in Bangkok, Thailand. LT TextNova was formally in partnership with Lingua Technologies International, a founding member of GCBG. Both companies have since moved in different directions but have remained closely affiliated.

Over the course of two days, shareholders of GCBG from Kocarek (Germany), Prolangs (South Korea), NZTC (New Zealand), Go Global (Argentina) and Lingua Technologies International (Singapore) discussed the currently situation of the whole economy and how it will impact the future of GCBG.

Many other topics like the deployment of new businesses for sustainable growth, the impact of AI and MT on current business and how are the member preparing themselves for such inevitable changes were brought up and discussed with much zeal.

Existing goals were also review and revised as new directions were set for GCBG. This includes how to improve and expand the reach of GCBG as well as encouraging more interaction between the members at a more corporate level.

After two rigorous days of discussion, GCBG member spent an enjoyable day of team building at the beautiful ancient city of Ayuthaya, fostering better understanding and forming closer ties with fellow members of GCBG.


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