April 27

Video Game Translation for a Reference on Good Localization

A lot of good video games come from non-English speaking countries. The developers code the games in their native language and localization is the least of their priority. In short, their culture, including the native tongue they speak and the society that they live in, heavily influence how they create their IP.

Poland has CD Projekt Red; Japan has Nintendo, Square Enix and Konami, among many others; there’s Bioware in Canada (a country culturally different from the United States) and Gameloft in France. You can be certain that many of them develop their games in their native language, so it is up to video game translators to localize the dialogue. The challenge here for the international gaming business is to release popular languages of the game at the same time as the source language.

A comprehensive translation service like Lingua Technologies International, therefore, is imperative in providing localization solutions with skill and accuracy. The game, when localized, has to be delivered on schedule to the target market, with particular attention to cultural sensitivity and flawless representation of the game’s original idea.

Localization is in Every Great Spoken and Written Piece

A simultaneous launch requires the game localization process to happen alongside the source language development. Often, this means that translations have to be done with the unfinished product, and generally require several rounds of updates and re-translation during the lead up to the game launching in the various markets.

What will be crucial at this time? Game developers will need dedicated resources on hand to complete urgent translations, update materials and function well with the tight deadline. Lingua’s Four Steps, One Standard program in localization ensures that there is no misstep in our translation. We will make sure that your message is received by customers well and is saying exactly what you mean. More than anything, the translated version of your game doesn’t get lost in translation.

We offer translation in multiple languages. Contact us to know about the languages and other services we provide.


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