January 7

ISO 17100: A Global Standard for Certified Translation Companies


Why choose a certified translation company with ISO 17100 certification?

For the uninitiated, ISO 17100 is an internationally recognized standard developed by experts in the translation industry specifically for translation companies and it covers and controls essential processes for the provision of translation services.

Many critical processes are scrutinized and outlined within a set of procedures to ensure best practice is adopted to produce quality translation output. This includes establishing and defining the minimum qualification of translation resources, the technical resources within the translation company and the quality of the service provided.

ISO 17100 certification also integrates terminology used in the translation field and mandates a data protection process when offering translation services. In a nutshell, it simplifies the interaction between clients and translation vendor by making thing more transparent and thus more trustworthy.

What can you expect when you work with an ISO 17100 certified translation company?

  1. You will be working with a translation company with the capability to provide quality service through a fully traceable system. All your files are fully backed up and retrievable at request. Thus, ensuring that your important data is not lost in transition.
  2. By working with a translation company with an internationally recognized management system, you are assured of a world-class translation deliverable that will save you the time, money and headaches of reworks and possible adverse effects to your brand name build tediously over the years.
  3. Because your translation projects are managed, coordinated and scrutinized by a qualified project manager, the margin of error will be reduced if not eliminated.
  4. When you work with an ISO 17100 certified translation company, you are assured that your multilingual communications and marketing messages go through a recognized specialist standard while undertaking your translation requirements. This will greatly increase customer confidence with your products and services.
  5. Heightens morale and motivation of your employees while allowing them more time to deal with what matters most to them at work, leaving all the tedious translation processes and coordination jobs to the competent hands of the project managers of the ISO 17100 certified translation company.

Lingua Technologies International is the first locally based translation company in Singapore to be certified with ISO 17100. The company has recently been re-certified for another 3 years. When you work with Lingua Technologies International for your multilingual translation requirements, you know that your translation projects are in good hands.

Write to us at inquiry@translationsingapore.com or call us now at +65 65760138 for an non-obligatory discussion with our team of experts. Make the right decision today. Work with us now!

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