July 24

Conference, Conference, Conference…

Ah…..conferences! It’s been a while since I’ve been to one. For the uninitiated, there’s actually a circuit of such conferences meant for the translation industry happening annually.

The first EUATC conference I went to was in 2008. On the invitation of one of our GCBG partners who was at that time one of the organisers for the conference, I spoke about working with the East. The presentation, I understand, was well-received but the topic itself may not have struck a chord with many during that time. Most are satisfied just dealing with their own market.

Almost 10 years on, I decided to attend the EUATC again. This time as a conference delegate and also because my good partners and friends are co-organising this conference and I just want to be there to provide support.

It was a very well organised conference, in a nice hotel, at a very convenient location. Very intimate. Very cosy. The opportunities created during the few days for delegates to network is numerous. The organisers made sure everyone feels at home and any dissatisfaction were addressed immediately. It was a top-class act.

The focus of the conference was on management and sales. There is nothing wrong with that really. Everyone wants to learn how to sell and manage better to increase their revenue. Technologies to improve productivity were also showcased to help improved efficiency and reduced cost.

However, what I feel is missing, is perhaps a discussion on global business and how we can capitalise on it as an industry. Maybe it has been discussed till death in other conferences. As I said, it’s been a while since I’ve been to one.

A global theme would make this conference more reflective of the current world economic situation: Alerting compatriots on the opportunities and pitfalls in the new economies, providing insights on how to navigate the future business environment effectively, development of the translation industry in the east as a comparative study….and the list goes on.

Self-assessment is always good. Building on one’s strengths will never be wrong. But without understanding and being aware of the external environment, these actions would be futile.

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