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  • Please fill in all the fields applicable to you as a freelancer or company and ensure that the information is complete as we will use these information for screening purposes.
  • It is mandatory to attach your CV (found at the end of the form) if you’re a freelancer.
  • Depending on our evaluation outcome, we will be contacting you via your email to obtain a mutual agreement before officially registering you as our vendor.
  • You may also be required to perform a translation test upon our notification.
  • If you are providing interpretation or other services, please fill in the information in the ‘Other services’ box below.

Contact details

Name of Freelancer/Company:
Contact Person (for Company):
Designation (for Company):
Full Address:
Mobile Phone:
Website (if any):


Highest education level obtained:
Please specify (for Others):
Qualification in translation obtained:
Accreditation/Membership of any association:
Please specify:
No. of years as a Freelancer/Company:
I’m a full-time translator:
Overall volume translated over the years:
Translators are based in-house (for Company):
Editors are based in-house (for Company):
Number of employees (for Company):
Number of translators (for Company):
Please check the areas which you specialize in: AdvertisingArt and LiteratureAutomobileConsumer ElectronicsCRMEconomicsEngineeringFinancialGamesITLegalMarketingMechanicalOil & GasPharma/Medical: Clinical ResearchPharma/Medical: GeneralTourism/HotelVoiceovers and SubtitlesOthers
Please specify (for Others):

Language pairs/ Rates/ Capacity/ Tools

Native language (for Company, insert “NA”)

Please fill in the language pairs and their corresponding rates in the fields below.
Note: For Company, please provide rates that include Editing by a 2nd reviser.
*Compulsory to fill in at least 1 language pair.

Capacity per day
Other services
Translation Memory tools
Please upload your resume/company brochure:

Any other notes


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