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An Overview Of Language Translation Services

August 21

An Overview of Major Category of Language Translation Services

Overview of Major Category of Translation Services

Globalization is a common term these days. Whether it is in business, technology, culture or even languages, you will see how globalization has, one way or another, transformed these traditional domains. Through globalization, companies now have accessibility to opportunities abundance in the global arena.

Generally, globalization is used to describe how businesses and technology have made the world a more connected and interdependent place. Globalization also involves penetrating the markets of different countries by establishing connectedness with local audiences through cultures and languages most familiar to them. And because communication is key and connection can only be established through mutual understanding, globalization has made translations an important cog in the wheel.

As globalization goes into overdrive in the internet age, with massive content and information to be shared in different formats and ways, traditional language translation services as we know, have become inadequate to meet this overwhelming transformation. If you think translation is just about looking for a suitable translator who specializes in a single type of translation, you are wrong.

For globalization to be optimized, we must recognize that the myriad of different industries can churn out an even more varied variety of documents, information, documentation, etc., in many other formats and styles. To achieve the best results, customized translation solutions supported by translation technology are the best way to get the desired language expertise for the best results.

Among the many types of translations, the five main categories range from legal, technical, medical, website, and literary translation. Each category has its style, terms, jargon, and process.

Before you consider your options of language translation service for your project, it helps you understand their field of expertise. Here is some information you may find helpful about the five types of translation services to get your translation done.

1. Technical translation

Technical translation involves the translation of the user manual, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and other niches. This translation deals with much scientific work, so accuracy is a must. Hence, you must look for both knowledge and experience when choosing a technical translator.

2. Legal translation

Legal translations refer to translating texts of a legal document that concerns the law and contains legal terms and jargon. It involves necessary document translation, which helps in making international business easier. This is the toughest type of translation because in-depth knowledge in-laws are mandatory, apart from skills and work experience.

3. Medical translation

This type of language translation service covers everything that comes in the realm of medical science. Be it the translation of medical reports, pharmaceutical tests, manuals, journals, or books, a medical translator does it. Medical translators are in great demand and usually have advanced medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology degrees. If you are looking to employ someone who can translate Malay to English, then knowledge of medical terminology is crucial in addition to proficiency in these two languages. This allows an accurate and reliable translation of any medical document.

4. Website translation

With globalization reaching its height, the need for website translation is also increasing. Website translation includes the translation of website contents, documents, titles, and subtitles from one language to multiple languages, like translation from English into the various type of Chinese for different regions.

5. Literary translation

Literary translation involves translating poems, novels, plays, and other literary works into another language. The challenge in this translation is apart from translating the text language, the meanings and authors’ literary style should also come out nearest to the original work. A literary translator has to deal with the style, rhythm, humour, puns, and imagery of the original sentences and phrases. This requires the translator to be creative at times to bring out the same effect as the original text. Other challenges such as emotions, culture, sensitivity, and historical, political, and social context must be taken care of.


Of course, it is too simplistic to think that the types of translation listed above are the only thing to consider when purchasing language translation services. Apart from the “industry” specific translation, you will need to consider the different types of content such as marketing, user guides, documentation, and fact sheets used for different purposes within the industry itself.

Many industries will benefit from language translation services as the content and information are now required in multiple languages across a globalized digital community. Major industries like automotive, Banking and Finance, medical, Mechanical engineering, travel and tourism, science and technology, art and entertainment, and many more will require translation services more than ever to reach their potential global audiences.

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