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Multilingual Voiceover Service

The technique of voiceovers is often required in radio, television, filmmaking, theater, radio and television commercials, and video language localization for presentations such as corporate training videos. It generally involves the pre-recorded voice of a specialized voice actor that is placed on top of a film or video.

We work with our partner of experienced team of voice-over artists and studio sound engineers. In fact, our combined experience in terms of translation, voice-over and dubbing experience, you’ll save time and receive great value across a wide range of multilingual recording projects like E learning courses, Narration for Documentaries and Corporate presentations, Online training projects, Radio and TV commercials etc.

Voice Over talents in all languages are available at your disposal. You can choose from a range of voices, male or female, gentle or authoritative, pursuasive or nurturing, at professional, celebrity level or amateur level depending on your budget.

We have a large pool of professional voiceover talent in almost all popular languages, each one of whom has been carefully screened to ensure they meet not only our own exacting standards and quality assurance policies, but those of the natives as well.

Our range of services incorporating translation and voice-over is ideally suitable for the production of multi-language voice-overs as we help you manage and monitor every step in the process professionally. All multilingual voice-over starts with the translation of the source script. This is done with much care to keep the nuances of the source language but yet keeping it simple and direct for the native audience. Once the translation is done, the voice talents that you have chosen will start the recording in the studio. During the recording, you will also expect further amendments to be made to the translated script for better readability and smoothness. Once the recording is completed and a following a quality assurance phase, you’ll receive the VO files in your preferred audio format for approval.

For a non-obligatory quotation, email or call us now. We will attend to your translation request immediately with excellent customer service level.

Whether you need to get your message out to a local or global audience, our professional team of language translation personnel is at your service. You will not regret choosing Lingua Technologies for your next language translation project.

For more information and general enquiries, please do not hesitate to give our translation specialists a call or drop us an email. We can be reached via telephone at +65 6576 0138 or via email at inquiry@translationsingapore.com.

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Offering the most competitive prices for translation for the quality it is offering, Lingua Technologies International is the only professional translation company accredited an ISO 17100 certification in Singapore.Fastest turnaround time mean faster time-to-market, Lingua Technologies International offers the most efficient timeline for the quality it delivers and is the only professional translation company accredited an ISO 17100 certification in Singapore.Lingua Technologies International is the only professional translation company accredited an ISO 17100 certification in Singapore that offers the globally accredited processes to ensure high quality translation results.

With more than 20 years of proven excellence in translation services, Lingua Technologies International is one of the pioneers in offering Multilingual Translation Service Solution to Singapore and the region. The company takes pride in making translation an invaluable experience. With the ISO 17100 certification, you now have a peace of mind that your translation projects are always processed and handled by professionals in accordance to guidelines and standards set forth in this ISO certification specification developed for Translation Businesses worldwide. You can now leave the tedious task of translation to our professional team of linguists and project managers, while you work on what matters most to you: your business.

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