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The Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry in Singapore is an industry considerably backed by the Singapore government. Singapore is now Asia’s fastest growing bio-cluster, with opportunities strategic partnership with research institutions, corporate labs and public hospitals to develop new medicines and future therapies that can be customized for regional and global markets.

However, the process of R&D, Testing, Approval, Production and Distribution of a new drug is extremely lengthy and costly. Not only do Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies have to deal with challenges of rapid growth, they also have to ensure regulatory compliance in an evolving regulatory landscape. Hence, there is a pressing need for companies to address such challenges.

The Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry is one that is highly regulated. Huge amounts of documentation and product collaterals are produced each year. To ensure regulatory compliance, these collaterals have to be harmonized across the world and health authorities in more than 150 countries. This gives rise to huge volumes of materials to be managed and translated from a source language into many other languages.

These materials may include regulatory compliance documentations, User Guides, Device GUIs, Marketing Communications Materials, Clinical Trial Reports, Manufacturing Description, Test Specifications etc.

Linguistic Challenges

In this industry, accuracy is not optional element. All literatures must be rendered with pinpoint accuracy, whatever the language. Consistency is also an issue many pharmaceutical companies have to deal with as majority of the documentations and marketing materials are scheduled for worldwide simultaneous launch with very little room for mistakes.

With so much invested into R&D, time-to-market is very important. Successfully managing translation requirements and compliance issues can mean a difference between a timely and profitable product introduction and your competitors having the first bite of the market.

Localization solutions with a focus on your industry

Lingua Technologies International has been a trusted localization partner of many Pharmaceutical giants for the past decade. Our dedicated project management team, as well as a linguist team specialized in pharmaceutical and medical field, have been working together to fulfill the most stringent localization requirements.

Our exclusive focus on localization and translation requirements that are unique to the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry makes us the preferred partner in localization solutions.

The following are some challenges faced by Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies relating to product documentation/localization:

  • Management of massive amount of data created yearly due to regulatory requirements, compliance and liability issues
  • Ensuring accuracy and consistency in the localization/translation of such massive amount of data
  • Management of multilingual versions

With an in-depth understanding of the diverse challenges and concerns of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Lingua Technologies International offers ISO 17100 certified translation that combines state-of-the-art translation technology with human intelligence that works seamlessly with a quantifiable QA process.

Your long-term global success in the Pharmaceutical industry requires a dynamic language partner; one that establishes technical, organizational and process standards with integrity and commitment.

Leverage from our wealth of experience. Let us be your language partner.

Contact us now at +65 6576 0138 or fill up our web inquiry form immediately. We are ready to share our experience with you.

Here is a clientele list of Lingua Technologies International in the Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • Boston Scientific Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  • Chiltern
  • Cardinal Health Singapore 225 Pte Ltd
  • Center for Enabled Living
  • Creganna Medical Private Limited
  • DiagnoSearch
  • Farrer Park Hospital Pte Ltd
  • Gambro Group
  • GSK
  • IMH
  • INEX Innovations Exchange Pte Ltd
  • John Hopkins-NUH Int’l Medical Centre
  • Johnson & Johnson Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics,
  • LaCorium Health Singapore
  • Lonza Bioscience Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Merz Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
  • National Cancer Center
  • National Heart Center
  • NUH Cancer Therapeutic Research
  • Pacific Healthcare Holdings Ltd
  • Parkway Hospital
  • Pfizer
  • Roche Pharma APAC
  • Roche Singapore
  • Sanofi-Synthelabo Singapore
  • Schülke & Mayr (Asia) Pte. Ltd.
  • Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI)
  • Smith & Nephew Pte Ltd
  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital
  • Technoform Bautec
  • Thierum
  • Thomson Fertility Centre
  • Thomson Prenatal Diagnostic
  • Unitron Asia Hub
  • URGO Healthcare


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