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Some people believe that if you design a product well enough, no technical documentation is required – a serious error in judgment. Because, proper technical writing contains the crucial information required by consumers who want to use a product, any attempt to cut costs by ignoring it is guaranteed to result in far greater after-sales expense, and extensive damage-control as well. Hiring a local journalist to write your technical documentation is another mistake. Whether it’s for hardware or software, home appliances, consumer electronics, medical procedures or environmental regulations, good technical writing provides useful information in a user-friendly, clear and simple manner, clarifying jargon rather than adding to the confusion by using it.

Tone is just one thing that sets technical writing apart from journalism. Here, the subject matter rules, and the author’s style is secondary to achieving the goal of communicating clearly about the highly specialized topic at hand. The writing style is workmanlike rather than literary, and precision matters more than elegance.

Technical writing comes in many forms: online and print user manuals, tutorials, installation and troubleshooting guides, product release notes, marketing and legal information, to name just a few.

At Lingua Technologies International, the process begins with a thorough understanding of the purpose of the document, and the selection of our most appropriate technical writer with the language – and teaching – skills, the necessary expertise and the specialized vocabulary, to communicate best about the particular technology.The technical writing team at Lingua Technologies International have been the unsung heroes behind a wide range of successful technical writing projects for numerous consumer electronics products over the past 17 years, from mobile and cordless phones to baby monitors, mp3 players, wireless music systems and digital photo albums. Their goal is not only to create the most effective technical documentation possible, in the most easily understandable way, but to assure that you make a very positive impression on your customers in the process.


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