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Publication Adaptation

If you have a series of best-selling publications and are not leveraging its global potential, perhaps you should consider adapting your already successful formula to a whole new audience. Publication adaptation offers an exciting opportunity to duplicate the success of proprietary content in another, as yet untapped, market.

Whether it’s self-study language guides, travel-related language or etiquette guides, fun-learning activities involving languages, travel, business or cultural education, if you believe in your winning formula, we can help you expand into the global market by carefully adapting it to reach its full potential.

Our experienced team of localization and adaptation experts will analyze your original publication thoroughly and discuss your objectives with you before suggesting ways to embark on the adaptation process to bring your publication into new markets.

By paying special attention to the do’s and don’ts of each target market, including colors, icons, symbols, graphics and pictures, we’ll advise you on what will work and what will not, local technical issues and cultural norms, then fine-tune your concept in a manner that is culturally sensitive and acceptable in your specific market to ensure that your message gets across successfully without offending anyone along the way.

Lingua Technologies International is behind many successful adaptations currently available in the market worldwide, and we’re ready to stand behind yours. Adapt, and grow.


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