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What makes a good translation company?

What makes a good translation company?


The long-drawn debate as to whether translation companies are relevant in the digital age is a fair one – but what does it take for a translation company to come out tops?

If you have, at any time in your professional career, dealt with translations in one way or another, you would probably have been in touch with either a translator or a translation company. If that being the case, you would have found out from your experience that not all translators and translation companies are created equal.

Translation is an art. Yes. But Art takes time to perfect.

Unfortunately, in our commercial world, time is a luxury many cannot afford. Hence, a good balance between creating art and making commercial sense of translation is always one important trait that translators and translation companies alike are trying to achieve.

Valuing Translation as an Art form

Art is often judged by its quality and ability to evoke genuine feelings of owe amongst its audience. The same theory applies to translation.  Word choice and syntax can vastly affect the meaning and context of the content that is being delivered. The job of a translation business and its linguists is to account for semantic differences and yet produce a final deliverable that remains consistent and successfully captures the essence of the source.

Translation not only requires intellectual ability but also the talent to effectively input emotion from the original piece. All these take time.

This is when good linguists come into play, carefully chiselling each piece to perfection. Unlike subjects like Mathematics or Science, there is almost always a definite answer. With translation however, every piece is unique and open to interpretation. This leads to its subjective nature.

Ensuring an edge by meeting rigorous industry standards

The most vital and imperative aspect of delivering a translation is to ensure high quality and to mirror the original text as closely as possible. This means that excellent translation companies must have quality control processes in place.

The core of translation is to effectively simplify communication among individuals and companies from diverse native origins. Clients trust their translators with documents that enable them to move forward with utmost confidence. These perimeters must be set.

With this as the set goal, a reliable translation company will follow through with a systematic workflow that involves a team that is dedicated to see the translation through from start to finish. The original document passes through the dedicated hands of linguists, editors, project managers and proof readers before finally being delivered to the client.

The status quo is that translation can be done by any company that has the relevant resources- but what truly matters is choosing a company that captures the essence of every piece that passes through its hands with clarity and veracity regardless of the document’s complexity.

It’s just like everyone can buys string lights but not all string lights will turn out as great lighting decors.

The Lingua Technologies International Quality

Lingua technologies International does not only promise, it also effectively delivers.

Founded more than two decades ago, we are one of the key players in the local translation industry which provides top notch translation services through an expansive nexus of native translators with incredible calibre and expertise in their relevant fields.

With client satisfaction and quality translation as our utmost priority, Lingua Technologies International is the only local translation company to have achieved the coveted ISO17100 standard that surpasses the EU standard of EN15038. This is a crucial step that ensures that we always remain a trustworthy agency ready to break all language barriers and truly play our part to contributing to a world that is not held captive by the boundaries of language.

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