December 3

LINGUA TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL is now a member of Japan Translation Federation (JTF)


Tokyo, Japan, 1 December 2021 – Leading Singapore-based translation and localization company Lingua Technologies International (LTI) has been officially included as part of the Japan Translation Federation (JTF) corporate members.

The JTF was founded in 1981, and it has also been authorized as a public-interest corporation by the Mnistry of Economic, Trade and Industry of Japan in 1990.

“It is an honour for LTI to be part of JTF. This acceptance humbles us.” Said Nickson Cheng, Managing Director of LTI in Singapore. “We believe under the leadership of Mr Matsuoka-san, Lingua Technologies Japan (LTJ) will make a great contribution to the Japanese market in the years to come.”

“From Lingua Technologies Japan (LTJ) point of view, it is definitely a plus. We are new in Japan, and we look forward to exchanging ideas and information with fellow members from JTF so we can all grow the industry as a whole in Japan.” Said Mr Yoshiki Matsuoka, who is spearheading the business department in Japan for LTJ.

LTJ will foster a closer relationship with local translation solution providers in Japan and help bridge the communication gap between Japanese businesses and the global market. LTJ will provide high-quality translation for foreign languages by deploying the latest translation technology in our world-recognized ISO 17100 processes.


LINGUA TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL is a Singapore-based translation company established in 1996. Based in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore, LINGUA TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL provides top-notch translation services through a well-connected network of native translators in various languages, leading the way in global translation and localization. For more than 25 years, the company has been working with the best native translators in the translation and localization industry worldwide, providing our clients with reliable translation services by being the first to adopt the most advanced translation technologies and workflow management. The company is also constantly exploring the latest translation technologies to provide superior translations more efficiently and lower costs. The company strives to reduce translation costs, shorten turnaround times, improve quality, and incorporate the latest tools and applications into our ISO 17100 certified translation process.


Lingua Technologies Japan (LTJ) is the Japanese arm of Lingua Technologies International (LTI). With over 25 years of experience in the translation and localization industry, LTI will support LTJ in providing world-class translation and localization services, focusing mainly on English and other foreign languages to the Japanese market. LTJ aims to provide better accessibility of high-quality English and foreign language translation services in accordance with the globally recognized ISO 17100:2015 standards for translation services to all businesses in Japan, especially the small and medium enterprises. LTJ aims to help these businesses create new markets abroad for their high-quality services and products through multilingual marketing communications.

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