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In early 2019, an article by CNN Business from Hong Kong boldly predicted that China will overtake US as the world’s biggest retail market. In fact, the gap between the retail markets in the US and China will further widen in the coming years with China growing much quickly.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said at the opening ceremony of the second China International Import Expo (CIIE) on November 5 2019 that China is committed to opening up her market at an even higher level.

With a population of nearly 1.4 billion people and a middle-class population of over 400 million, China is one market no multinationals would want to miss out.

With one of the biggest markets and a growing economy that is doing much better than any other countries in the world, China has a lot to offer. Under such positive economic climate, China is developing at breakneck speed and has managed to stay afront of many technologies including science and digital transformation.

In an effort to win over the global business community, China has even unveiled a series of measures over the past few years to enhance protection of intellectual property right and improvement of the business environment.

In 2018, China attracted a record high foreign direct investment of 138.3 billion US dollars and this figure is set to rise even further as consumers in China become more affluent, demanding for better quality goods and services.

Chinese are also travelling more frequently making them one of the biggest spending tourists. Between 2000 to 2016, tourism spending abroad by Chinese travellers soared from 10 billion US dollars to 260 billion US dollars.

Translating for the Chinese market helps businesses open door to the lucrative Chinese-speaking market in China. With a population of 1.4 billion people, China has the biggest population in the world. As the China market opens to the world, many businesses are vying for the attention of the Chinese population.

China is a unique country with very Chinese values and views. With a history that stretches back a few thousand years, the Chinese are very proud of their heritage and in particular, their language.

If you are looking to have a slice of this lucrative market, one of the ways is to localise your products and services. Translating your marketing collaterals into Chinese allow the local market to better identify with what you are selling and all it will enhance adoption rate.

Traditionally, many translation companies can offer translation from English into Simplified Chinese. However, when the source language is not English, it means there is a need to have it translated from, say Spanish into English before you can get it translated into Chinese.

This method not only increases the cost of translation but it also the increases the time-to-market as more time is required. With such a method, the chances of mistakes, errors and the meaning of the source text being lost in translation is also much higher. All these possible errors will result in numerous reworks which will mean elevation of costs and further delay in product and service launches.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Imagine these errors and mistakes were not detected and were allowed to be released. What type of repercussion it would have on your products and services and worst, the reputation of your business??!!

At Lingua Technologies International, we recognise how such errors can ruin the reputation of a company built tediously over the years. To help prevent such critical errors, our team has been certified with ISO 17100 certification, the highest certification for translation companies.

We also offer translation directly from several source languages into Simplified Chinese so you can skip the part of translating your communication materials into English before it can be translated in Simplified Chinese.

The languages we can provide are as follows:

German into Simplified Chinese

French into Simplified Chinese

Italian into Simplified Chinese

Spanish into Simplified Chinese

Russian into Simplified Chinese

Korean into Simplified Chinese

Thai into Simplified Chinese

Indonesian into Simplified Chinese

Malay into Simplified Chinese

Vietnamese into Simplified Chinese

If you are interested to explore the option of translating directly from your language into Simplified Chinese, we would be more than glad to provide you with a non-obligatory consultation and quotation.

Contact us now at +65 6576 0138 or fill up our web inquiry form immediately. We are ready to share our experience with you.

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