March 21

Why should businesses consider translation as part of the cost of doing international business?


English is essentially coined the language of business- but with rapid globalization and growing cultural integration, not converting content to reach native audiences could mean losing out on a significant number of potential customers in the long run.

The flourishing of multilingualism

As companies large and small continue to grow and expand, connecting to people of various languages and cultures becomes ubiquitous. Language has evolved along with its millennial counterparts who are becoming increasingly well-travelled and culturally inclined. English undeniably remains the main language of communication but this should not lead to the perception that multilingualism is any less important. After all, speaking in native tongue is the route to cultural connections, thinking and learning. For businesses, the obvious benefit of translating content is getting a leg up on its competition by being able to forge meaningful relationships with clients and customers from diverse backgrounds.

The rise of Localization

Localization is no longer just an available option for a brand to expand its global reach but in fact one that allows it to meet the various consumer demands abroad. In order for local customers to notice what you have to offer- tweaking your website, products and campaigns is a vital step towards gaining a loyal fan following. By communicating with your customers in their language, you build their trust and commitment towards your business. Your products should feel like they are created in the country in which they’re sold in. This is where we come in to help by translating your key messages and ensuring that they reach your target audiences effectively.

Maximising Returns

Ultimately, all companies measure their successes based on their return of investment. You must reap what you sow. Tapping into your desired local market is not just about translation. It’s about refining content to fit the local context and culture. Reducing the risk of conflicts and increasing profits is a definite win-win for businesses that invest in translation and localization services. Set the pace for your competitors by making your international presence uniquely local.  This simply means that you make your customers feel like you’re there for them. They want to know that it was them you had in mind when you crafted that campaign. So go forth, translate and make them feel.

The Lingua Quality

Lingua technologies does not only promise, it also effectively delivers. Founded two decades ago, we are currently one of the key players in the local translation industry which provides top notch translation services through an expansive nexus of native translators with incredible calibre and expertise in their relevant fields. With client satisfaction and quality translation as our utmost priority, Lingua Technologies is the only local translation company to have achieved the coveted ISO17100 standard that surpasses the EU standard of EN15038. This is a crucial step that ensures that we always remain a trustworthy agency ready to break all language barriers and truly play our part to contributing to a world that is not held captive by the boundaries of language.

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