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As the world gets smaller, the transcription business is booming, and secretaries, reporters, clerks, working moms and retirees are discovering that it is a great way to earn some extra cash. Few, however, bring 17 years of experience, top native-speaking professional linguists, and advanced software to the task like Lingua Technologies International.

Transcription involves the conversion of speech, whether live or recorded, into an electronic text document. While business, legal and medical documents are the most common, events, speeches and seminars are often transcribed as well.

Transcription of Most File Types and Languages

Our reputation for excellence in professional document transcription services is the result of our timeliness, fine quality and attentive client service. Whether you’re a small or large law firm or corporation, court officer, government agency, trade association, event-planner or non-profit, we can provide the perfect polished product you require in the format of your choice.

Whether you want a verbatim transcription, a clean-cut version or a revised summary, entrust our team to deliver your projects quickly and accurately. Every transcribed document undergoes extra rounds of proofreading to ensure that you receive only highly accurate transcriptions.

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