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There are many things that will come to your mind when you think of Spain. Did we hear bull fighting, Flamenco dancing, delicious tapas, and of course famous soccer teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid!

In recent years, there are some Spanish companies achieving multinational status, often expanding their activities in Latin America. You will be surprised that Spain is the second biggest foreign investors there, after the United States!  There is also an expansion into Asia regions, especially China and India. Primed to make a major impact worldwide in the coming decades apart from Chinese and English, the importance of the Spanish language cannot be undermined.

Now let us focus on Spanish, the language.

Spoken by more than 406 million people worldwide, the Spanish language (Spanish: Español) is a Romance language. Apart from Spain, Spanish is also the official language in several other countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and United States.

Apart from being the most widely spoken Romance language, do you also know that the Spanish language is also the second most widely spoken language in the world?

The history of the Spanish language begins with its first appearance in the form of notes in Latin religious texts known as the Glosas Emilianenses, dated from the 11th century. During the 12th century, law codes (Fueros) were being translated into Spanish.

Spanish prose flourished during the reign of King Alfonso X the Wise of Castile (1252-84), who in addition to being the king and a poet, also found time to write an encyclopaedia in Spanish called Las Partidas, which contains laws, chronicles, recipes, and rules for hunting, chess and card games. The first Spanish grammar, by Antonio de Nebrija, and the first dictionaries were published during the 15th and 16th centuries.

Like translating any other languages, Spanish translation is definitely not a run-of-the-mill affair. There are variations in the type of Spanish used, which include European Spanish and Spanish of America. Depending on the locality, there are differences in the grammar and formalities to be used. A formal pronoun and more elevated title are often used as a sign of respect or in formal settings.

There are also much confusion between English and Spanish, although both are different languages. This is because, a lot of Spanish words actually evolved from Latin, which has a tremendous influence on the English language. As such, there are many words shared between both languages which are in common from Latin, despite its evolving definitions over time. For example, the word ‘pie’ is a tasty pastry in English but in Spanish, it actually means foot (which we do not recommend eating)!

All of those mentioned above are merely the tip of the iceberg.

There are much more things to consider than just getting someone who knows Spanish to handle translation into English and from Spanish.

Hence, it is very essential to get the right quality people with enough training and professional experience to produce translations that are fit for its purpose.

With more than 2 decades of experience in providing English to Spanish, Spanish to English and Spanish related language pairs translation services, we can share this valuable experience with you.

With our ISO 17100 certification, you know your translations are in good hands. You can now leave the tedious task of translation to our professional team of linguists and project managers, while leaving you with more time to do what matters most to you.

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