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Whether you are a seasoned or first-time buyer of translation services, we hope that the information provided here will help you understand what is considered good practices in the translation industry worldwide and what are the things you should watch out for as a buyer of translation services in your decision-making process in order to achieve your multilingual communication objectives.

Just click on any of the links below, fill in the required information and you will be on your way to download a wealth of information that will help you make more informed decisions when it comes to buying translation services.

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ISO 17100 is an international standard developed to control processes in a translation company worldwide. With this ISO certification, buyers of translation will be assured of globally recognised and approved industry standard.
ISO 17100 specifies requirements for all aspects of the translation process, which are essential for the delivery of a quality translation service.
Want to know more about ISO 17100 and how it should influence your decisions when buying translation and how it will benefit you as a consumer? Click on the ICON on the left to download our comprehensive ISO 17100 Brochure now.

At Lingua Technologies International, we believe that action speaks louder than words. Our corporate brochure is updated regularly to present some of the latest translation projects undertaken by the company. Click on the ICON on the left to download the latest copy of our Corporate Brochure now.

The Say-it-in booklet is a multilingual phrase book created and designed by Lingua Technologies International. This little booklet contains common phrases that can help you navigate in a foreign environment and it is available in 11 languages. The translations are written in an easy to pronounce transliteration that closely resembles the original pronunciation of the phrases. The Say-it-in booklet is also very good as a gift for people who are traveling abroad for work or play. Click on the ICON on the left to download the Say-it-in booklet now.

If this is your first time being tasked to purchase translation service, you may be at a lost and would probably not know where to start. While translation itself may be highly subjective, the process of purchasing translation is not. This guide to buying translation service was created by Institute of Translators and Interpreters UK. It will help you make informed decisions when purchasing translation services. Click on the ICON on the left to download the Translation – Getting it Right booklet now.

This is the Japanese version of the Translation – Getting it right booklet. Click on the ICON on the left to download the Japanese version of Translation – Getting it Right booklet now.

Have you always confused translation with interpretation? Have you always thought that translation and interpretation are the same thing? This guide to buying interpreting services, created by Institute of Translators and Interpreters UK, clarifies the difference between translation and interpretation. The booklet will also allow you to know when is interpretation required and what are the things to look out for when engaging interpreters. Click on the ICON on the left to download the Interpreting – Getting it Right booklet now.

This colourful and informative poster is created by Lingua Technologies International and it contains short introductions and fun facts about some of the major languages in the world. Click on the ICON on the left to download the Lingualicious poster now.

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