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With a population of more than 16 million, Cambodia is the world’s 70th most populous country. According to Asian Development Bank’s Asian Development Outlook 2016, Cambodia has one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. The country embraces the ‘factory Asia’ model of economic growth involving usage of its large supply of inexpensive labour – which attracted foreign investments for businesses. Hence, the importance of the Cambodian economy and the Cambodian language cannot be further emphasized.

Spoken by about an estimated 12.6 million people across the globe, the Cambodian language which is also known as Khmer or the Mon-Khmer language, is the second most spoken Austroasiatic language in the world, after Vietnamese. There are many other language spoken in Cambodia but Khmer is by far the most popular language in Cambodia spoken by 90% of the population. The wide use of the Khmer language is also evident with the large expatriate Khmer communities in Canada, China, France, US and Laos.

Hence, if you are looking to go global with your products and services, communicating in Khmer is definitely important. The influence of the Khmer language cannot be undermined, especially in its use in the media, government administration and education.

The Khmer language, also known as Cambodian, belongs to the Mon-Khmer branch of the Austroasiatic language family. Influenced by many languages including Thai and Vietnamese overtime, it is written in a script derived from a south Indian alphabet. There are symbols for thirty three consonants, twenty four dependent vowels, twelve independent vowels and several diacritic for the language itself.

Here is a fun fact about the Khmer language: According to Guinness World Records, do you know that this is the language with the most number of letters?! Hence, if you are looking to pick up the language, be warned and be prepared as you will need to memorize more than 2,000 characters just to read a Cambodian newspaper!

As with translation of any languages, translation from Khmer or into Khmer is no easy task. Unlike some of its Southeast Asian neighbours, the Khmer language does not employ tones. It is an extremely vowel-rich language. An example will be the usage of different social registers with the Khmer language, which will be for informal speech, polite speech, speaking to or about royals or monks. There are also different verbs and pronouns in each register – one slight error could make you sound rude and offensive!

All of those mentioned above are merely a drop in the ocean.

There are much more things to consider than just getting someone who knows Khmer to handle translation into English and from Khmer.

Hence, it is very essential to get the right quality people with enough training and professional experience to produce translations that are fit for its purpose.

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