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Our editing service has earned the trust of numerous businesses worldwide.
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There’s a reason that fully three-quarters of our four-step translation process (Translation, Editing, Proofreading, Validation) is devoted to quality control. An organization’s reputation is based on editorial quality, and here at Lingua Technologies International, we understand that it is our job to protect – and enhance – that hard-earned reputation by producing perfect, error-free content.


A grammatically perfect document may not guarantee you a business deal but a less-than-perfect one is guaranteed to lose you the deal.

Editing, proofreading and validation are the backbone of every Lingua Technologies International project. Big media, magazines, ad agencies, PR firms and international marketing companies all have teams of editors, proofreaders and validation specialists to assure that every document they produce is grammatically correct and free of errors – and so do we. Three sets of eyes oversee every document we produce, editing, proofing and validating not just text, but headlines, photo captions, charts, graphs and every other element on the page.

The editorial team corrects errors that writers of all levels may overlook, such as verb tense, spelling, syntax and idiomatic expressions. This is particularly important for post-translation text when the quality of the translation must be assured without losing the original meaning.

Our editing service has earned the trust of numerous businesses worldwide that rely on our editors on a daily basis for business correspondence, web content, proposals, contracts, brochures, and many other projects. Call us, and let us help you bring all your communications up to a global standard.

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