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Which Documents Require a Certified Translation?

You may have heard the term ‘certified translation’ from time to time, and you might assume that it’s an article or paperwork that is accurately translated. This is true. A certified translation is any document that’s been signed by the translator and ‘certified’ to be accurate. More often than not, documents that are translated like […]

What Can Affect the Certified Translation of Your Documents?

Legal documents are crucial, whether you’re a professional or a business owner. You need certain documents for, among others, purchasing property, starting a business, applying for loans and seeking permanent residency in Singapore. These papers also need certification to confirm their authenticity. Certified translation is one such confirmation. What problems will you potentially encounter when getting […]

How is ISO 17100 going to affect you and me

In the final article of this ISO series, we are going to wrap it up by letting you know how ISO 17100 will benefit you, the customer! If you’re interested in our earlier series, please click into the following links: Part 1 – http://www.translationsingapore.com/what-is-iso-171002015/ Part 2 – http://www.translationsingapore.com/difference-between-iso-17100-and-en-15038/ Part 3 – http://www.translationsingapore.com/difference-between-iso-17100-and-iso-9001/ How does this benefit you? The ISO […]

Difference between ISO 17100 and ISO 9001

This is the third of the ISO Series. (To view the first part, click here: To view the second part, click here:] The first part introduced what ISO 17100 and how it came about.  The second part talked about how different ISO 17100 is from EN 15038, its predecessor. You may have found that some […]

All you need to know about Voiceover Process

Introduction Now that you have gotten the Translation of the Voiceover script– the most important step of the Multilingual Voiceover process – what’s next? You must have many burning questions. Fear not. We will share our experience in the Voiceover process with you here. There are 3 very important processes: Pre-Production Recording Vetting and Re-Recording […]

Breaking Barriers: Language Interpretation’s Role in Health Care

Singapore has earned a reputation for itself as the destination of choice among international tourists seeking high quality medical care. Therefore, professional interpreters in Singapore are always in demand to facilitate communication between doctor and patients, as well as appropriate translation of medical text. Such medical interpreting roles have evolved with time to better enhance […]
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