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All you need to know about Voiceover Process

Introduction Now that you have gotten the Translation of the Voiceover script– the most important step of the Multilingual Voiceover process – what’s next? You must have many burning questions. Fear not. We will share our experience in the Voiceover process with you here. There are 3 very important processes: Pre-Production Recording Vetting and Re-Recording […]

Breaking Barriers: Language Interpretation’s Role in Health Care

Singapore has earned a reputation for itself as the destination of choice among international tourists seeking high quality medical care. Therefore, professional interpreters in Singapore are always in demand to facilitate communication between doctor and patients, as well as appropriate translation of medical text. Such medical interpreting roles have evolved with time to better enhance […]

Difference between ISO 17100 and EN 15038

This is the second of the ISO Series. (To view the first part, http://www.translationsingapore.com/what-is-iso-171002015/) In the first issue, we introduced what ISO 17100 is about. We mentioned that ISO 17100 is the international standard that supersedes EN 15038, the European translation standard. The differences between ISO 17100 and EN 15038 are minor, but we will […]

What you really need is an Interpreter!!

Many are confused about translation and interpretation or even the role of a translator and interpreter. We have received many requests for “translators” to “translate” for events, exhibitions, conferences, lectures etc. Still don’t see where the problem lies? Let us help to clear some doubts here. When you need someone to relate what had just […]

The 7th Asian Translation Traditions Conference

(Picture credits: Monash University, Malaysia) Sometimes all we need is a break from our daily work routine to enhance our skills. That was exactly what happened when I attended the 7th Asian Translation Traditions Conference (“ATT7”) held in Monash University, Malaysia, from 26th September 2016 to 29th September 2016. Unlike other forums and talks held […]

What is ISO 17100?

Lingua Technologies International has achieved the ISO 17100 certification on the 12th September 2016. How is this new certification going to affect you as our customers, and us, your language solutions provider? To help you better understand the new ISO 17100, we will be giving you an insight into this new standard for the translation […]
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