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Quality translation: What’s the significance?

Defining translation quality Quality in translation is often something that is hard to determine due to its highly subjective nature. It is therefore crucial for translation companies to manage and set expectations by setting consistent measures for linguistic standards. The right way to do this would be to develop procedures and guidelines that give all […]

What makes a good translation company?

The long-drawn debate as to whether translation companies are relevant in the digital age is a fair one – but what does it take for a translation company to come out tops? If you have, at any time in your professional career, dealt with translations in one way or another, you would probably have been […]

What to take note in the translation of subtitles

  Subtitles: Simple process. NOT! Like it or not, subtitles are here to stay. If you come in contact with any form of onscreen media, you will inevitably find subtitles being thrown right at your face. Subtitles can be used to enhance viewer experience as some audio may not be intelligible. Subtitles can also be […]

Are Humans on the Way Out?

To many of us, the term “machine translation” (MT) brings to mind the times when we passed our Chinese essay through Google Translate after writing it out in English before submission. For the more paranoid, it could even conjure images of Skynet conquering the world in the future. The former is actually a fairly accurate […]

Notarial Services – Legalisation, Authentication, Attestation and Certification – Steps To Submitting Official Documents in China and Singapore.

Do you have official documents from Singapore that need to be presented in China or are you submitting document from China to authorities in Singapore? Are you confused by the numerous advice available in the internet regarding the submission of such official documents? How can you be sure that your documents are accepted in Singapore […]
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